Pink N' Creamy

Well I hope everyone had a good holiday, I'm still not ready to give up my sweets yet tho! Today I'm covering some ice creamy goodness from Pantsu Hunter and combining it with other ice cream goods. A lot of gacha here shows off my addiction though! T^T Hope everyone likes the look, I thought it was pretty cute myself~

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - Ice Cream Dress
Sleeves - Lo*Momo - OmNomHunt Prize (Not Available)
Hair - Alice Project - Steph Glitter/Rainbow Streaks Indigo (Gacha)
Hair2 - Alice Project - Mika II Glitter/Rainbow Streaks Indigo (Gacha)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Heart Bow Cracked White
Necklace - Aoharu - Soft IceCream Necklace Strawberry/Cherry (Gacha)
Parfait - Love Soul - Parfait*Custard Pudding (Gacha)
Shoes - Paradisis - My Warmers Neutral

Sweet Treat Easter

Wheee, so happily this is my first post for Pantsu*Hunter. Thank you for taking me on as a blogger m( _ _ )m I really wanted to rush to get this one done for Easter cause it's just so cute and fitting. I had a tough time with accessories because apparently all my easter stuff is messed up in my inven. XD; I really love when dresses come in different colors cause I feel you're not as restricted and can really express yourself. Regardless! Warm wishes to everyone to have a happy easter and get tons and tons of candy!

Hair - Love Soul - Hair*103*Purple
Shoes - BareRose - Karmilla White
Shoulder Bunny - Sanu - Bunneh in an Easter Egg
Ring - Baby - Cute Heart Ring
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms

Blue Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Blue
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Blue (Unsure if Available)
Mouth Peeps - Little Glass Wish - Omnom Rainbow Peep Conga (Not for Sale Yet)

Pink Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Pink
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Pink (Unsure if Available)
Easter Basket - Epic - Kawaii Easter Basket Gift 2011 (Unsure if Available)

Red Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Red

Green Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Green
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Green (Unsure if Available)

Purple Dress
Dress - Pantsu*Hunter -  Rabbit Purple
Head Peeps - Plastik - Bunnypeeps Head Lavender (Unsure if Available)
Egg - Little Glass Wish - Rolling Cadbury Creame Egg (Not for Sale Yet)

Tryin to be Stylin~

So trying to keep catching up with all the things going on. Hehe. ^ ^ Recently Kustom 9 came up and MotiAme had a big release of different skirts, with different jackets and tops. Also the latest release of hair from LCKY, which I was happy this one wasn't rigged because sometimes fitting things to anime heads can be tough. @ @ Hope you enjoy the look, and just for the record - I can attempt to do cute, but when it comes to being stylish? Yeah I drop the ball. XDDD;

Hair - LCKY - Alcohol
Shoes - Mango Cheeks - Nieka Heels: Slate (Feet Modded To Fit)

Blue Skirt Outfit -
Skirt - MotiAme - Dark Blue (Kustom 9 April Event)
Shirt - MotiAme - Bustier Blue (Kustom 9 April Event)
Jacket - MotiAme - Black (Kustom 9 April Event)
Necklace - BareRose - Angels and Snakes Necklace
Bag - BareRose - Blanca Black

Pink Skirt Outfit -
Skirt - MotiAme - Pink (Kustom 9 April Event)
Shirt - MotiAme - Bustier Red (Kustom 9 April Event)
Jacket - MotiAme - Light (Kustom 9 April Event)
Necklace - BareRose - Bloody Rose Necklace

Brown Skirt Outfit -
Skirt - MotiAme - Brown (Kustom 9 April Event)
Shirt - MotiAme - Bustier Cream (Kustom 9 April Event)
Jacket - MotiAme - Medium (Kustom 9 April Event)
Neckalce - Rebel -X- - FREE Spring Necklace (Not Available)

Prepped for School

So trying to get some more blog posts out and catch up with Japan Fair and Big Show stuff, I think this finishes it up. ^ ^ Unfortunately I had to have Hina help me with the Edelweiss outfit because of the latest firestorm having a bug where you see weird lines if you have a Radeon graphics card ;^; But otherwise I really love this top so much and wish I could wear it more! Please make sure to check it out because it's limited edition for this event only and 100% for the japanese charity. Plus I thought the 2nd hair from LCKY's Big Show complimented the look pretty well too. Sorry it's so simple but honestly? I really love looks like this and think they can stand out moreso. ^ ^

Top - Edelweiss - School-Line Vest - tilden (Japan Fair Exclusive)
Skirt - Edelweiss - School-Line Skirt navyblue
Hair - LCKY - Roma Disaster Color (Big Show April)
Bag - Edelweiss - School Bag (Boston)
Shoes/Socks - PARADISIS - My warmers Neutral

Big Show
Japan Fair

Springtime Hakama

So there's a lot of things been going on. @ @; Japan Fair... Big Show... Easter Events~  This one outfit is really nice, the majority of Hakamas I have are usually miko themed; which there's nothing wrong with but this one is pretty cute and different. ^ ^ It's also part of the Japan Fair going on so a portion of the money goes to charity for Japan, yay! Also the cute little pigtail hair is part of a new hairstyle from LCKY only available at the Big Show currently, so make sure to check out both of these. I provided slurls to the locations just in case. Hope you enjoy. ^ ^

Outfit 1 - MotiAme x TTA - Hakama RINKA Cyan (Japan Fair Exclusive)
Outfit 2 - MotiAme x TTA - Hakama RINKA Fuschia (Japan Fair Exclusive)
Outfit 3 - MotiAme x TTA - Hakama RINKA Soleil (Japan Fair Exclusive)
Hair - LCKY - Chobii Disaster Color (Big Show April)
Shoes - Yumeji - zouri_sakura_red_l (modded)
Ring - Akorat - Sakura Ring (Gacha)
Barette - Akorat - Sakura Barrette (Kiyomizu Hunt Prize)
Onusa - Edelweiss - Miko Accessory Onusa

Big Show
Japan Fair

Melting From Your Love~

Ok ok, so it's kinda apparent I have an addiction to the Melty line of products from Epic since I just can't resist melting chocolate looks. Really had to spend a ton to get a lot of this but worth it. @ @ I even have the socks that go with it but they didn't show that hint of leg I love, ehehe~  But yes I promise I'll get on my other things, now that I finally pieced this together. I had a lot of fun with it too! Also wanna apologize if there's any little glass wish stuff you wish to purchase, you can IM me and I'll sell it to you. ;3; I'm just so bad with ads. Well hopefully one of a few upcoming posts this week. Hope you all enjoy it. ^ ^

Top - Epic - Cute.Phat.Azz.Sweet.Goo.Set-Chocolate (Gacha)
Dress - Epic - Melty Qi Lolita Dress Chocolate
Hair - ploom - Isabel [boobs] (large) - Pastels
Earrings - Dugong-Dou - JF 2014 Marine Life Mesh Pierces 'Clione' (Japan Fair 2014)
Necklace - Epic - Kawaii Sweet Goo Necklace! Chocolate (Gacha)
Watch - Epic - Kawaii Sweet Goo Watch! Chocolate (Gacha)
Crown - Epic - Sparkle Pop Queenie Crown! Melty Chocolate (Group Gift)
Socks/Shoes - BareRose - Chocola
Face Chocolate - Little Glass Wish - Choco LOVE Face Deco
Ring - BABY - Cute Heart Ring
Backpack - Little Glass Wish - Kawaii Easter Treat Backpack (Not Available Yet)

8 Bit Kawaii Time

I really had fun making this outfit, taking pics didn't turn out as good as I was hoping though. T^T But some really cute fun rainbow-y cuteness around SL and with an 8bit theme so if you enjoy it. Make sure to check it out. Also a reminder some of the epic stuff is at special locations at lower prices until the events are over. You can see more info at their store.

Dress - Epic - Fancy 8-Bit Rainbow Dress {Baby.Pink}
Shoes - Epic - 8-Bit Heart Sneaker Wedges! {Rainbow.B.Pink}
Hair1 - LCKY - Drella Disaster Color
Hair2 - LCKY - Aiko Disaster Color
Socks - Schadenfreude - Opaque Pastel Rainbow Amortentia Stockings
Neckalce - yoyo - invaders2 necklace
Mouth Cookie - Byte - Yoshi Cookie 3 (Dollarbie)
Headset/Pixel Heart Hearts - Pixels - PixelLuv-phones (Valentines Gift)
Leg Ribbons - NoRe! - White Leg Ribbons (Dollarbie)
Left Ring - Kawaii - Pixel Art Ice Cream Bracelet Rassberry (Gacha)
Right Ring - BABY - Cute Heart Ring
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Backpack - Little Glass Wish - Cupcake Backpack Pink (Not Available Yet)
Pixel Cupcake Monster - Kasai no Kitsune - Pixel Cupcake Monster (Not Available Yet)

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