Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sweet Pink Magic

Soooo excited for Halloween and my RL wedding coming up, decided to do very frufru girly witch to kinda celebrate. This is finishing up the Fluffy and Fierce event, which I think is ending soon. You got the dress from Shiro Tsuki with option of flexi skirt and multiple mesh sizes; the kawaii fruit choker is from AsteroidBox which also has other fruit options - both at the Fluffy and Fierce event! The hair is from Ayashi and at the Fantasy Collective, while the hat will be an upcoming available item from AsteroidBox at the Nightmare event (LM to follow when I have it). Other bits and bobs to fill in the rest. Hope you like the look!

Dress - .ShiroTsuki. - Bubble Dots Dress (Fluffy and Fierce)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Izumi hair boobs (Fantasy collective)
Collar - AsteroidBox. - Fruity Collars // Peach (Fluffy and Fierce)
Wand - [LostJunction] - Cereal Surprise #02 Berry Princess Magic Wand (Gacha)
Hat - AsteroidBox. - Witchy Hat // Pink (Nightmare)
Boots - BareRose - Sweet Kaizocute Both Boots

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Vlog Mokyu Sakura Head Update

Posted a new vlog post, covering some of the update for the Mokyu Sakura Head. ^ ^


Friday, September 23, 2016

Valkyrie Fury

So covering another piece from Les Encantades, available at Secret Affair - this top comes in multiple color options too. I combined most of it with BareRose's other armors and wings, it just always seems to work pretty good in my opinion. The hair is from Ayashi available at Men Only Monthly, but still works on females. My back halo is from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, which is found at the Fantasy Collective. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - *LesEncantades* - Le Baroque Angelique Maitreya experimental (Secret Affair)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Lucius hair (Men Only Monthly)
Halo - Cubic Cherry - {Zee} halo ~ light G (Fantasy Collective)
Forearm Armor - BareRose - Armor Doll ForeArms
Upperarm Armor - BareRose - Armor Doll UpperArms
Boots - BareRose - Armor Doll Both Boots
Lowerleg Armor - BareRose - Armor Doll LowerLeg
Collar - BareRose - Armor Doll Collar
Headdress - BareRose - Armor Doll Headdress
Shield - BareRose - Athena ME Sheld
Spear - BareRose - Athena ME Spear
Wings - BareRose - Athena ME Wings
Location - Akashat

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Night Fairy

So I almost missed hearing about the Jackpot Gacha Fair (a small gacha fantasy based fair with gifts from almost every creator!); but Les Encantades put out a new gacha set for it and there's a gift available too. It ends in a few days so make sure to check it out soon, the SLURL is on the side with the rest of the links/locations. Most of my outfit is based off of it with a couple additions from BareRose other outfit things to fill it out a little more. The hair is available at the Cosmetic Fair from Ayashi. The pose is from Endless Dream's succubus set which works pretty well for fairies too. Hope you like the look!

Top - *LesEncantades* - Butterfly Top Silver Rare (Jackpot Gacha)
Skirt - *LesEncantades* - Butterfly Skirt Silver Onyx (Jackpot Gacha)
Wings - *LesEncantades* - Butterfly Wings Silver (Jackpot Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Jessie hair boobs (Cosmetic Fair)
Sleeves - BareRose - Sana C2Mr Black Trim Arms
Shoes - BareRose - Sana C2Mr Black BothShoes
Choker - BareRose - Grace Black Choker
Pose - Endless Dreams - Succubus Hover
Location - Akashat

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Marvelous Makeup

So this one is mostly covering the newest releases from Fawn's Demise at Fluffy and Fierce, the underwear is new and comes with A LOT of colors for Omega Appliers; she also has these socks as her hunt item at the event! Woo Loot! The makeup set is a gacha from Chapter Four from Sallie and adorbs kitty themed. *3* Other lil tid bits are from other places. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Bra - +Fawn's Demise+ - Cheap Frills Bra .FluffyPink. (Fluffy & Fierce)
Panties - +Fawn's Demise+ - Cheap Frills Panty .FluffyPink. (Fluffy & Fierce)
Hair - [DUE] - Xiaoyu Non rigged Pastel 4 (Gacha)
Socks - +Fawn's Demise+ Cheap Frills - Striped Pink Socks w/ Bow (Fluffy & Fierce Hunt Freebie)
Makeup Set -
1. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Eye Make Up (Chapter 4 Gacha)
2. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Eyebrow Make Up (Chapter 4 Gacha)
3. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Lip Gloss berry (Chapter 4 Gacha)
4. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Lip Gloss peach (Chapter 4 Gacha)
5. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Eyeshadow (Chapter 4 Gacha)
6. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Nail Color solid (Chapter 4 Gacha)
7. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Nail Color lame (Chapter 4 Gacha)
8. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Base Make Up (Chapter 4 Gacha)
9. {sallie} Beaute de Sallie - Face Color RARE (Chapter 4 Gacha)
Collar - BareRose - Maid T5C3 PalePink Collar
Wristlets - BareRose - Maid T5C3 PalePink
Bed - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Pink Bed RARE (Gacha)
Room - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE (Gacha)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reading into the Past

So this is a little biazzaro of a picture for me, some of my stories are more clear but this one is like 'Read a book and be transported into another world' sort of vibe. It's not the most clear but I had fun using some of the freebies from Last Ride, because I just love his stuff. XD Onto more important things~ I'm wearing an upcoming release from Shiro Tsuki for Fluffy and Fierce (sorry no link because I don't know the event location), and also shoes you can find at their normal store too. My hair is a new thing at Hairology from Ayashi. A lot of my furniture is releases all over the place from Toiz - lights are available with different options at Limit 8, book with twigs and stuff is available at The Book of Daniel charity event, and the bookshelves and stuffs are available at TLC. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - .ShiroTsuki. - Nu Magick (Fluffy and Fierce)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Mami hair (Hairology)
Bookshelf w/Falling Books - Toiz. S.T.A.Y bookshelf (TLC)
Special Floor Book - Toiz. - Autumn fairy story book (The Book of Daniel)
Floor Books - Toiz. - S.T.A.Y books (TLC)
Flags/Bottle Lights - Toiz. - flag and lamp Autumn (Limit 8)
Shoes - .ShiroTsuki. - Chaussure - Noir non-Slink
Cuffs - Pixel Geek - Bow wrist cuffs
Book w/Pose - :::Last Ride::: - Old book /Pose 01 (Freebie)
Ghost Book Readers - :::Last Ride::: - Old book (Freebie)
Building - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE (Gacha)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Snackfood Showdown

So sorry about the lack of posts, that fashion show took up a lot of time but it was worth it! I'm finishing up my Arcade posts with the last Lost Junction set of chip overload! Also am wearing one of the new releases from Cute or Die! that comes in multiple colors and fits multiple bodies, available at Mesh Body Addicts. The hair I'm wearing is also a new release from Ayashi, that can be found at Whore Couture. Thanks to Cara and Hina for helping me out with our chip coma. XD Hope you like the look!

Hair - +Spellbound+ - Boo!
Top - -tres blah- - Fitted Tee Space
Shorts - The Secret Store - Daria Denim Shorts

Outfit - Paper Arrow - Gym Tee/Shorts (Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Yin

Outfit - [Cute or Die!] - "Tenshi" Dress Maitreya (Mesh Body Addicts)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Takemi hair boobs (Whore Couture)
Hairbow - *katat0nik* - (panda) Hair Bow RARE Texture Change (Gacha)
Collar - ALTAIR* - nyan choker .blue.
Cuffs - .{yumyums}. - For Love Cuff Mint & Silver (Unavailable)

Decor - [LostJunction]
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Ika (Squid) rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - White Cheddar rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Dragon Hot rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - BBQ Puffs rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Cheezi Puffs rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Cheezi Salsa rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Blue rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Chile Limon rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Chili Cheese rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Nacho Cheese rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Cool Ranch rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Original rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Pizza rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Salt & Vinegar rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Onion Paradise rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Sour Cream & Onion rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Classic rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Hickory Barbecue rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Sea Salt & Pepper rez REWARD (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Slumber Party - MTN Buzz Bottle extra (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Slumber Party - MTN Buzz Cup extra (Arcade Gacha)
Poses - Endless Dreams - Death
Rug - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Kuma Rug RARE (Gacha)
Room - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE (Gacha)