Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hopeful Stargazer

So this look was inspired by the latest gacha set from CMYK that you can find at Limit8. While the hair is from our lovely Ayashi available at the next round of Kawaii Project. While the outfit is an older mesh piece from BareRose but still so adorbs in my book. RL been slugging with Dr. crap so I apologize for being late. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - Mizuki
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sansa hair boobs (Kawaii Project)
Decor/Room - CMYK// - One of these night (Limit8 Gacha)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Stormblood Samurai

So as a lot of nerdy FFXIV fans know - Stormblood released for pre-registereds last night and thus released new classes and content. Yours truely cannot remove herself from her White Mage role but still loves how the new Samurai looks. So I decided to pop on that cutesy Ayashi hair from SaNaRae and some older pieces from BareRose and do a tribute to the new release. Game on and hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Samurai Armor Coat Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Chiharu hair (SaNaRae)
Shoes - BareRose - Hishi Black
Katana - BareRose - Free Deco Katana (Free)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Taisho Sanke

So we got a lot of pretty items coming up and so I went with a koi theme since that's the main theme on the new kimono Les Encantades will have out for Genre. It fits other bodies besides maitreya and has some fitted mesh versions as well as another color option; with available matching sandals for purchase. The hairstyle with color choice flowers from Ayashi are available at the Tropical Summer Fair. While you can find the bindi with multiple color options available at the Somber event. Hope you like the look!

Kimono - *Les Encantades* - Tsukiko Kimono Koi MAITREYA (Genre)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Bondi hair Boobs (Tropical Summer Fair)
Sandals - *Les Encantades* - Tsukiko Sandals Koi (Genre)
Bindi - [Cubic Cherry] - {Kaori} bindi (Somber)
Necklace - BareRose - Blown A Wish Necklace
Choker - Kru's Boutique - Leather Choker (Unavailable)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Embracing the Highwind

So we've had a couple interesting releases for stuff from the stores I blog for so I decided to do a kinda Cid tribute. Granted my original Cid is always going to be the FF7 version so that's a lot of the basis of this; even though I used FFXIV for a background - it's airshippy enough! We got the new hairstyle from Ayashi at Kinky. One of the many shades of Sunglasses from Cubic Cherry at Collab88. A couple planes from the new released gacha at Junk Food. Brief view of RC Cluster's bad word particles at SaNaRae and some other goodies too. Hope you like the look!

Complete Outfit - BareRose - Airship Mechanic Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tenzi hair boobs (Kinky)
Sunglasses - [Cubic Cherry] - {Mako} sunglasses (Collab88)
Mini Plane - Junk Food - Black RC Plane (Gacha)
Mini Plane - Junk Food - Wooden Plane RARE (Gacha)
Mini Plane - Junk Food - Rusted Black Plane RARE (Gacha)
Cuss Word Particle -RC Cluster- Bad Words (SaNaRae)
Cigerette - BareRose - Slim Ciger Mouth (Free)
Background - FFXIV Screenshot (Other people play on Malboro already!)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Battle Cat

So I really thought one of the newly released outfits from BareRose matched some of the upcoming releases from Cubic Cherry very well. Cubic Cherry will have the background mirrors available at the Vintage Fair; and the bindi I'm wearing at the We Heart RP event. The Ayashi hair is from Whimsical, which I think is ending soon if so - it'll be available at their main store! Then the BareRose set is very bento orientated as the tail and hands are bento, with the whole outfit and cat accessories coming with it too. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Ears/Bento Tail/Bento Hands - BareRose - Kitty Plate
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Jenica hair boobs (Whimsical)
Bindi - [Cubic Cherry] - {Xein} bindi (We Heart RP)
Background Mirrors - [Cubic Cherry] - {Baroque} mirror Silver (Vintage Fair)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Ancient Seifuku

So this a tiny post since waiting for the madness that is this coming month. This is an outfit I really liked that June put out for BareRose a little while back, but it rarely goes with a lot of the wacky stuff I wear. Luckily I really feel I can wear Ayashi's hair with anything so it worked great! You can pick up this hairstyle at Hairology. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit/Shoes/Accessories - BareRose - Anoukisailor
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Aida hair Right side with Add-on (Hairology)

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sweet Donuts

So, as many others, I am super excited for the upcoming Arcade later this week. ^ ^ We have a fabulous set coming out from Cubic Cherry which is going to be a whole cafe you can win at the event. My hairstyle is also available at Kawaii Project from Ayashi. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Attaka Maid C2-L
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tati hair (Kawaii Project)
All Furniture & Held Donut Plate -
14[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut display (Arcade Gacha)
00[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut pouf REWARD (Arcade Gacha)
01[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} skybox RARE (Arcade Gacha)
02[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} piano RARE (Arcade Gacha)
03[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} seat pink (Arcade Gacha)
04[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} seat cream (Arcade Gacha)
05[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} table pink (Arcade Gacha)
06[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} table cream (Arcade Gacha)
07[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} counter pink (Arcade Gacha)
08[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} counter cream (Arcade Gacha)
09[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} stool pink (Arcade Gacha)
10[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} stool cream (Arcade Gacha)
11[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} divider (Arcade Gacha)
12[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} frame menu (Arcade Gacha)
13[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} frame sumomo (Arcade Gacha)
15[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} cocoa (Arcade Gacha)
16[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut plate CHOKO (Arcade Gacha)
17[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut plate PINK (Arcade Gacha)
18[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut plate CREAM (Arcade Gacha)
19[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} donut plate SKY (Arcade Gacha)
20[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} milkshake strawberry (Arcade Gacha)
21[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} milkshake cream (Arcade Gacha)
22[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} milkshake mint (Arcade Gacha)
23[Cubic Cherry] {Lil Diner} milkshake cherry (Arcade Gacha)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Friendly Neighborhood Alien

Lil quirky post before the weekend, and not a lot to really say on it as we're wrapping up the month. We got the Sachiko hair from Ayashi at We Heart RP and one of the many background sort of things from CMYK's gacha at Kawaii Project. The UFOs from Junk Food are a new release at their store. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Accessories - BareRose - Minitron
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sachiko hair (We Heart RP)
UFOs - Junk Food - Ufo Rez
Background - CMYK// - 1. palette studio (Kawaii Project Gacha)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mundane Magic

So we're flashing back a little bit to some items available at the Coven event, to start off the magic we have a wand, particles, and animation/pose from RC Cluster there and a cute magical book from Cubic Cherry too! The hair is available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival with different mods to it from Ayashi. While the rest of the furnishings are from CMYK's gacha at Limit8. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Socks/Shoes - BareRose - GoldLine Uniform
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Amari hair (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair2 - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Amari Add-on (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair3 - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Amari Long strands Boobs (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Book - [Cubic Cherry] - {Starry Spell} book (Coven)
Pose -RC Cluster- Leviosa! Animation Duo (Coven)
Particles -RC Cluster- Leviosa! Magic Particles (Coven)
Wand -RC Cluster- Beginner's Wand Natural (Coven)
Bench - CMYK// - 1. Bench (Limit8 Gacha)
Pots - CMYK// - 2. pottery (Limit8 Gacha)
Table - CMYK// - 3. coffeetable (Limit8 Gacha)
Pictures - CMYK// - 4. frame (Limit8 Gacha)
Lights - CMYK// - 5. wall lamp (Limit8 Gacha)
Clock - CMYK// - 6. clock (Limit8 Gacha)
Rug - CMYK// - 7. rug (Limit8 Gacha)
Building - CMYK// - 8. Darkwood House Rare (Limit8 Gacha)

Friday, May 19, 2017

Tartan Treats

So this is just a weird lil mishmash that I feel kinda represents me, moreso, as in I'll wear anything with noms and still be happy - matching or not! We got an dress from Les Encantades. Hair with various lengths from Ayashi available at Gacha Garden. The ice creams and snowcone are available at the Little Small Style event as a gacha from Junk Food, and also snuck in the Playroom gacha of bento again that they released. Not too much to say here. Hope you like the look!

Dress - *Les Encantades* - Fajra Tartan Maitreya
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kris long tail boobs (Gacha Garden)
Hair Flower - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kris Seed of Inspiration (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Variety Sno Bucket 1 RARE (Little Small Style Gacha)
Junk Food - Blue Vanilla Gummi Bucket RARE (Little Small Style Gacha)
Junk Food - Onigiri Bento Wear (Playroom Gacha)
Junk Food - Onigiri Rice Ball (Playroom Gacha)
Junk Food - Blue Dragon Sno Cone (Little Small Style Gacha)
Boots - BareRose - Highplu
Necklace - :::Last Ride::: - Shaved ice necklace[Blue] (Old Freebie)
Choker - .{yumyums}. - Birthstone Choker Diamond (Unavailable)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sugar Sugar Dance!

So we got some of the funner things to play around with today, 80s and Noms! We got music-ed out furnitures from Cubic Cherry and CMYK both available at Rewind; along with my sweatband hair from Ayashi. Meanwhile upcoming at the Whimsical event is a gacha from Cubic Cherry with multiple colors to win. You can check out lots of awesome noms from Gacha Garden places like all the magical cupcakes in the gacha from Lost Junction, then there's more from the gacha I covered a little of last time from Junk Food - but tossed in one of the bentos from their gacha at Playroom too. Hope you like the look!

Dress - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{Mimi} dress stripes pastel RARE (Whimsical Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Julya hair Boobs (REWIND)
Hair Ribbon - [Cubic Cherry] - 15{Mimi} ribbon sky (Whimsical Gacha)
Socks & Shoes - [Cubic Cherry] - 07{Mimi} socks stripes sky (Whimsical Gacha)
Wristbands - [LOVE SOUL] - Wristband Watch*Milk Cow* (Discontinued)

Rice Krispie - Junk Food - Rice Krispies S.O.I. (Gacha Garden)
Potato Chips - Junk Food - Slays Chips RARE (Gacha Garden)
Doritos Chips - Junk Food - Moritos Bag Red (Gacha Garden)
Snickers Bar - Junk Food - Slickers Bar RARE (Gacha Garden)
TMNT Bento - Junk Food - Turtle Bento Box (Playroom Gacha)
Hanging CDs - CMYK// - VAPORWAVE DECOR / CD mobile (REWIND)
Posters - CMYK// - VAPORWAVE DECOR / Poster (REWIND)
Chairs - [Cubic Cherry] - {80s Luv} chair (REWIND)
Table - [Cubic Cherry] - {80s Luv} table (REWIND)
Cupcake Madness -
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Artemis the Cat (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cutie Cupcakes! Cupcake Giver! (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Bubblegum the Unicorn Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Trixie Rabbit Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Artemis Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Luna Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Pinkie Pig Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Spot the Pup Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Razzle the Unicorn Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Squeaker Blue  Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Dotty the Pony Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Wintermint the Pony Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Greenie Pig Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Pupper Gold Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Bucky Bunny Single (Gacha Garden)
[LostJunction] Cupcake Menagerie - Bijou the Mouse Single (Gacha Garden)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spicy Succubus

So had a fun lil pic between me and Hina with a succubus theme, especially with the demonic-y type items Cubic Cherry has been releasing a lot of lately. Got new gacha from them at Momento Mori with a whole slew of interesting demonic items, but if you like a lil cuter stuff they also have a gacha out with cutesy demon horns at Gacha Garden. The collar I was wearing is also from them but available at Dark Style Fair. The hair I'm wearing is at the Kinky event from Ayashi. And the glowy ball particles and candle is from RC Cluster at We Heart RP. Hope you like the look!

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Urumi
Outfit - Wuzan - Daisy Outfit *Gacha*
Sword - MKBCult - Elucidator
Shield - Musashi Blades - Crest Shield
Nosebleed - Kuraiko's Lil' One - NoseBleed Animated

Outfit - BareRose - Omega AA for Night Rex
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Asti hair (Kinky)
Harness - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{Ba'al} chestpiece black maitreya RARE (Momento Mori Gacha)
Black Horns - [Cubic Cherry] - 07{Ba'al} horns black (Momento Mori Gacha)
Halo - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Ba'al} halo black (Momento Mori Gacha)
Bindi - [Cubic Cherry] - 11{Ba'al} bindi black (Momento Mori Gacha)
Collar - [Cubic Cherry] - {Crucia} collar black (Dark Style Fair)
Red Horns - [Cubic Cherry] - 02{Baby horns} starry demon RARE (Gacha Garden)
Candle & Glow Particle - RC Cluster - Meditation Circle (We Heart RP)
Tongue - Mokyu - AHS2-tongue_A (Group Gift/Free)
Wings - *Little Glass Wish* - Mini Demon Wings
Building - TBF - Alchemy Lab Furniture

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sweetest Freeze

So we have a lot of sweet goods available at the new Secret Hideout event! Can't wait to go myself *3* We have adorbs new hair with optional headband from Ayashi. Then all the furniture, except slushies, are from CMYK in a gacha at the same event. You can pick up these sweet slushies from Junk Food's new gacha at Gacha Garden full of more noms, that I'll be covering soon too. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit/Jewlery/Shoes/Socks - BareRose - Kotton
Hair & Hairband - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Hoshi hair (Secret Hideout)
Blue Slushie - Junk Food - Brainfreeze Slush RARE (Gacha Garden)
Purple Slushie - Junk Food - Brainfreeze Grape (Gacha Garden)
Green Slushie - Junk Food - Brainfreeze Green (Gacha Garden)
Wall Pictures - CMYK - 4. Give me that icecream (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Ice Cream Light Blue - CMYK - 2. Give me that icecream bluemoon (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Ice Cream Light Green - CMYK - 2. Give me that icecream melonade (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Ice Cream Light Pink - CMYK - 2. Give me that icecream pinkstar (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Ice Cream Neon Light - CMYK - 1. Give me that icecream (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Ice Cream Word Neon Light - CMYK - 5. Give me that icecream (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Counter - CMYK - 3. Give me that icecream (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Building - CMYK - 7. Give me that icecream (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Table Set Purple - CMYK - 6. Give me that icecream blueberry (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Table Set Blue - CMYK - 6. Give me that icecream cyan sky (Secret Hideout Gacha)
Table Set Pink - CMYK - 6. Give me that icecream Pinkade (Secret Hideout Gacha)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Garden Play

Tough week RL so having a fun picture with friends helped me cheer up a little. Lots of fun events to check out, Junk Food is part of a new kids themed event for their own L$50 Friday and Kids Monthly Markets - you can find these animated or rezzable drums there. The 'play' props are from RC Cluster, you can win most of them at the Epiphany gacha event or for the neat seedlings (that give you mouth sausages when you click them!) they're at the upcoming TPR gacha. My hair is a new release from Ayashi at Momento Mori. While the super adorbs outfit, which has other color options is from Cute or Die at Secret Hideout. At the same event you can find these lovely lolita themed socks and shoes from AsteroidBox, also available in different colors. Hope you like the look!

Tulip Sign -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Tulip (Epiphany Gacha)
Drum - Junk Food - Drum Green & Yellow (50L Friday/Kids Monthly Market)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Aina
Shirt - R3VOLT - Savie Top
Pants - Loki - Snowboard Pants

Sun Sign -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Sun (Epiphany Gacha)
Hair - Magika - In My Mind
Uniform - =Zenith= - spring school uniforms
Shoes - fri. - Polley.Janes

Outfit - [Cute or Die!] - "Antique Academy" Dress Maitreya (Secret Hideout)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kiera hair (Momento Mori)
Shoes - AsteroidBox. - Lolita Heels (Secret Hideout)
Socks - AsteroidBox. - Lolita Socks (Secret Hideout)
Cloud Sign -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Cloud (Epiphany Gacha)
Raindrops Signs -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Raindrops (Epiphany Gacha)

Plants1 -RC Cluster- 1.Salchicha Seedling - HappyMeats RARE (TPR Gacha)
Plants2 -RC Cluster- 3.Salchicha Seedling - Dog (TPR Gacha)
Plants3 -RC Cluster- 4.Salchicha Seedling - Cat (TPR Gacha)
Ladybug Sign -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Ladybug (Epiphany Gacha)
Bee Sign -RC Cluster- In the Spring Play Bee (Epiphany Gacha)
Junk Food - Drum Blue & Yellow Rez (50L Friday/Kids Monthly Market)
Junk Food - Drum Orange & Yellow Rez (50L Friday/Kids Monthly Market)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Ballroom Bliss

So this is a little late of a post since been busy with RL stuff yesterday. But finishing up with the Fantasy Faire we have a ballgown outfit from Les Encantades. I also liked the updo Ayashi has available at Epiphany's gacha event, so I thought it fit well. We also have some Cubic Cherry new goodies, we have their new Luv head jewel available at SaNaRae; and then upcoming at the Secret Hideout will be some new glasses. Also felt a bit of a Princess D vibe from Sailor Moon when I was doing this, but I don't think many will be as much of a nerd as I am and pick up on it XD Hope you like the look!

Dress - *Les Encantades* - Sandrine Rose MAITREYA (Fantasy Faire)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sienna hair (Epiphany Gacha)
Head Jewel - [Cubic Cherry] - {Luv} jewel (SaNaRae)
Glasses - [Cubic Cherry] - {Lala} glasses (Secret Hideout)
Necklace - BareRose - Chain of Olive
Purse - BareRose - Key of Heart Pink
Choker - ALTAIR* - heart choker (Group Gift)
Location - Royal Balls Elite Ballroom

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

School Bento

So we have a lot of events wrapping up this month and a lot to go through! Majority of them are from Kawaii Project which usually goes over into the next month a bit, so you still have time. We have a new hairstyle from Ayashi with or without hat. New shoes and socks with multiple color options from Cute or Die. An entire school room setup gacha from CMYK. School books and pencils from Cubic Cherry too - all at the same event. While tying in some other things there's a new bento available from Junk Food at Thimble; and upcoming ketchup madness from RC Cluster at SaNaRae, while their pedometer is at Bloom. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - OjyoUni
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Masami hair with hat Boobs (Kawaii Project)
Socks - [Cute or Die!] - "Bun" Loose Socks Maitreya (Kawaii Project)
Shoes - [Cute or Die!] - "Bun" School Loafers Maitreya (Kawaii Project)
Held Book - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} book pink (Kawaii Project)
Hat Pencil - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} pencil pink2 (Kawaii Project)
Rezzed Books - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} book rezz (Kawaii Project)
Rezzed Pencils - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} pencils rezz (Kawaii Project)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Leafy} headphones W-PINK (BLOOM Gacha)
Held Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Box (Thimble)
Pink Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Pink Rez (Thimble)
Blue Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Blue Rez (Thimble)
Riceball - Junk Food - Chicken Riceball (Thimble)
Pedometer -RC Cluster- 1-2-StepAroo Pedometer Red (Bloom)
Ketchup - -RC Cluster- Ketchup Forever Rez (SaNaRae)
Backpack - . Little Fox . - Big Backpack Princess
Stand/Animation - RC Cluster - Reading AO Stand1
Chair - CMYK// - 1. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Cabinet - CMYK// - 2. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Chalkboard - CMYK// - 3. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Pencil Holder - CMYK// - 4. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Papers & Pencils - CMYK// - 5. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Rulers - CMYK// - 6. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Rug - CMYK// - 7. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Building - CMYK// - 8. Banilasky rare (Kawaii Project Gacha)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

MMO Woes

So I've currently been into ESO lately and it inspired me and Hina to work on that kinda theme for the picture, and with the recent opening of the Fantasy Faire - it's good timing! Les Encantades has some new releases for the Fantasy Faire. While the hairstyle I'm wearing is available from Ayashi at BLOOM. The AsteroidBox choker is a new release, that you can find at their main store. While other bits and bobs filled out the rest. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - Moon Shadow - Assassin Black/Red (Gacha)
Mask - Bad Unicorn Clothing - Bronte Bandit Scarf
Daggers - Archatek - Blood Drinkers

Dress - *LesEncantades* - Wanda Earth (Fantasy Fair)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sakura hair (BLOOM)
Armlets/Shoes/Socks - BareRose - Flamberge
Choker - AsteroidBox. - Tri Moon Collar // Silver Metal
Staff - A.D.D.Andel! - Spiral Mage Staff-Crystal- Dark Wood (Gacha)
Scroll - Avalon RPG Game - Lancelot's Letter (Free)
NPC Knights - Science Factory - Swordsmen NPC Example Demo Menu Controlled v1.13 (Free)
Building - *WinFactory* - Dun01_Hall01

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sakura Slacking

So a kinda lazy hangout on a sakura viewing pic, I really love the season and wish we had some near us RL. T^T We got some events going on right now with the Ayashi hair I'm wearing at Seasons Story. While the poufs and headphones can be found at BLOOM from Cubic Cherry. Upcoming is the N21 event where you can find RC Cluster's latest yard signs with multiple options for sayings! The record player from AsteroidBox will be available at a new event called Draftsman. While the majority of the other items will be available at the upcoming Limit 8 from CMYK. Hope you like the look!

Hair - YumYum - barberyumyum710
Top - Hilly Haalan - Lara Knotted Tee
Shorts - Lissan - #13SS
Sleep Bubble - [PinkFuel] - Yum Bubblegum! Static Translucent Color Change

Outfit - BareRose - Hirakio C3
Hair & Flower Headband - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Rumiko hair-Ver.2 Boobs (Seasons Story)
Cotton Candy - CMYK//  - 6. Cottencandy berry (Limit 8)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Leafy} headphones W-PINK (BLOOM Gacha)
Record Player - AsteroidBox. - Record Player // Pink (Draftsman)
Poufs - [Cubic Cherry] - {Bloom} pouf pink (BLOOM)
Signs -RC Cluster- Yard Signs Red Heart (N21)
Papers - CMYK// - papers (Limit 8)
Bottles - CMYK//  - 2. sakura bottles (Limit 8)
Drinks - CMYK// - 3. sakura can beer (Limit 8)
Rug - CMYK// - 4. sakura rug (Limit 8)
Bento - CMYK// - 5. sakura bento (Limit 8)
Table Set - CMYK// - 7. sakura table rare (Limit 8)
Sakura Trees - BareRose - Sakura Tree (Old Freebie)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sweet Balloons

So with Epiphany right around the corner, we have some neat upcoming gacha from Cubic Cherry for it. It kinda flew away with my theme this picture XD; We also have the newer hair from Ayashi still available at We Heart RP. Hope you like the look!

Dress - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{Float} Dress Pastel maitreya RARE (Epiphany Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Diamona hair (We Heart RP)
Earrings - [Cubic Cherry] - {Float} Baloons earrings PINK exclusive (Epiphany Gacha)
Collar - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Float} Collar white pink (Epiphany Gacha)
Hand Balloon - [Cubic Cherry] - 21{Float} Hand Baloons pastel (Epiphany Gacha)
Ankle Balloon - [Cubic Cherry] - 15{Float} Ankle Baloons pastel (Epiphany Gacha)
Socks - +Fawn's Demise+ - Cheap Frills Striped Pink Socks w/ Bow
Necklace - {Violet Voltaire} - Parfait Necklace Strawberry
Cuffs - BareRose - Maid T5C3 PalePink
Shoes - BareRose - Plumpurin C3

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Springtime Catch

So the springy season is upon us and so is a lot of releases for the Seasons Story. To start off Cubic Cherry has a new gacha set for it with multiple dresses and scarf. The garter I have on is from AsteroidBox also at the same event; as is the new RC Cluster butterfly catching net. You can buy attachable butterflies (or look like a crazy person trying to catch invisible things with a net - I won't judge!) at the main store. This super adorbs hair is available at Project Se7en from Ayashi and I find myself not wanting to take it off. XD Hope you like the look!

Dress - [Cubic Cherry] - 03 {Kiss} dress SKY maitreya (Seasons Story Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Catty hair with beret for tulip skirt Boobs (Project Se7en)
Scarf - [Cubic Cherry] - 14 {Kiss} scarf LILAC (Seasons Story Gacha)
Garter - AsteroidBox. - Blossom Garter (Seasons Story)
Butterflies - -RC- Butterfly Net Butterflies; Sold Seperately
Net - -RC- Butterfly Net (Seasons Story)
Boots - BareRose - White Liita Pink Shoelace
Location - Easter Town 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

Elemental Divide

So this is definitely one of my more artistic pieces, with help from Hina in my direction to go, but still inspired by some interesting new releases. Main inspiration was the new elemental fireball and iceball that RC Cluster put out for We Heart RP, it has it's own animation and advanced lighting and just fun as heck to play with. XD Going with a tied up sorceress like hair I'm wearing the Kinky event release from Ayashi. Then finished it off with wearing the new earrings that will be available at Bodify from Cubic Cherry, I also thought it'd show it off better if I used one of the earrings as a bindi forehead marking thing. I felt it gave a more magic brand to the whole picture. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Xefire Lady C3
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Perla hair (Kinky Event)
Drop Earrings/Head Mark - [Cubic cherry] - {Drop} earring (Bodify)
Iceball -RC Cluster- Magic Iceball (We Heart RP)
Fireball -RC Cluster- Magic Fireball (We Heart RP)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Neon Living

So got inspired this time around by one of the new releases from Junk Food that involves their new Hover Board gacha that's at Gacha Guardians, they even have a free gift of these cute 3D glasses at the same event. At their store they have some new cupcake releases, I couldn't choose very well so I smuggled two into the pic~ om nom~ At the same Gacha Guardians event you can check out Ayashi's new hairstyle with multiple bang options if you get the rares. It's so fun! Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Wrappings - BareRose - Neon Candy Wrap
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Enya hair w/ Add-On2 Bangs and Ears (Gacha Guardians)
Glasses - Junk Food - Neon Glasses Gift (Gacha Guardians Gift/Free)
Hoverboard - Junk Food - Space Board Original RARE (Gacha Guardians)
Cupcake Left - Junk Food - Galactic Cupcake
Cupcake Right - Junk Food - Gamer Cupcake
Location - Solaris Station

Sunday, April 2, 2017

It's A Girl!

So I took a little time trying to figure out a gender announcement picture, but finally have it put together. Also made it into a mini blog post. But yes, we are expecting a girl (could always turn out to be a velociraptor tho! lolol). The hair is from Ayashi's last round at Kawaii Project and this is one of the overlooked maternity outfits that BareRose carries. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Matanity Yokoshima
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Dassy hair ver2 (Kawaii Project)
Balloon Backdrop - Marketplace - *GB* IT S A GIRL

Thursday, March 30, 2017

HamHam Spring

So we're kicking off more and more info spring and leaping into the new SaNaRae stuffs. We have a new hairstyle from Ayashi, new hats from Cubic Cherry, and flowers gacha from RC Cluster all available at the SaNaRae event. Then finishing up some more cutesy items that will be available at the Gacha Guardians event from AsteroidBox. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Hamsters - BareRose - 15 Hamsters
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kaila hair (SaNaRae)
Hat - [Cubic Cherry] - {Nyah~} hat white (SaNaRae)
Flower w/Animation -RC Cluster- Friend Flowers Blush (SaNaRae Gacha)
Shoes - AsteroidBox. - 4 Kera Boots // Pink (Gacha Guardians)
Candy Box - AsteroidBox. - 8 Heart Box w/ Candy // Pink (Gacha Guardians)
Necklace - AsteroidBox. - 11 Chain Loop Necklace // Pink (Gacha Guardians)
Sunglasses - AsteroidBox. - 15 Glass Glasses // Pink (Gacha Guardians)
Lollipop - AsteroidBox. - 19 Sherbert Lolly // Pink (Gacha Guardians)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Deviled Egg

So instead of working towards a cutesy Easter theme, I decided to take some of the new releases and go a darker route myahahaha~ We got some gacha pieces from Cubic Cherry at Lootbox and pieced together with their upcoming skirt at Project Se7en it worked so well for a flashy kinda succubus/demon. The demonic beanie with hair that they also collabed with is at Kawaii Project. Shoes are from AsteroidBox's upcoming gacha coming next month in Guardians Gacha. The egg I'm toting is also in the Lootbox Gacha event from RC Cluster with a lot of colors to win. I also gave the bento gloves from BareRose a shot and they weren't too bad either. Hope you like the look!

Top - [Cubic Cherry] - 10{Vain} top (Maitreya) black cross red (Lootbox Gacha)
Skirt - [Cubic Cherry] - {Rufly} skirt maitreya curvy (exp) Plain BLACK (Project Se7en)
Harness - [Cubic Cherry] - 02{Vain} Harness (Maitreya) dark pack RARE (Lootbox Gacha)
Mask - [Cubic Cherry] - 00B{Vain} Mask black (Lootbox Gacha)
Hair/Hat - Dichotomy x [Cubic Cherry] - // Cherry x Cherry Hair (Kawaii Project)
Gloves - BareRose - Black B-Gloves Lady
Egg -RC Cluster- Fantasy Egg 17. Volvagio (Lootbox Gacha)
Shoes - AsteroidBox. - Kera Boots // Black (Guardians Gacha)
Wings - Super7 - BatWings

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spirit of Spring

So Spring has finally occurred, even if it's still a bit chilly - tis the season of flowers blooming and sakura/cherry blossoms. We have some fun items from Cubic Cherry like the spring like crown that you can get in the Treasure Chest; or if you like the cherry blossom face accessories from them you can check it out at the Spring Scandal event. The hairstyle I have on also embraces spring, it's from Ayashi at the Lootbox Gacha event with a bunch of add ons and such. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Shoes/Necklace - BareRose - Wannabe Fairy C2Mr
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Meiko hair w/ Add-on2 & Tail & Flower Hairband (Lootbox Gacha)
Bindi - [Cubic cherry] - {Sakura} bindi (Spring Scandal)
Tears - [Cubic cherry] - {Sakura} tears (Spring Scandal)
Crown/Horns - [Cubic Cherry] - {Avien} crown day (Treasure Chest)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Blue Hues

So we got some new releases from various stores this time. The outfit is a new release from Cute or Die available in multiple colors for multiple mesh bodies at Mesh Body Addicts. The hair is from Ayashi at Shiny Shabby. While you can find the collar at the upcoming Cosmopolitan from AsteroidBox, it comes in multiple metal and color band options too. Hope you like the look!

Dress - [Cute or Die!] - "Lucy" Corset Dress (Mesh Body Addicts)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Azusa hair (Shiny Shabby)
Collar - AsteroidBox. - Bell Collar (Cosmopolitan)
Eyes - ~*ChoCoCo*~ - Starry Pastel Eyes
Necklace - [: Kawaii Couture :] - Purity Necklace Long Blue (Hunt/Free)
Boots - BareRose - White Liita
Braclets - ALTAIR* - bell bracelet .silver.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Clover Girl

So I was at a toss up of what to do since today is Hina's Bday and tomorrow is St. Patty's Day, so I decided to kinda do a sexy greenish thing that's a middle ground! Unfortunately a lot of the accessories I wore for this piece are retired (RIP older SL stores that still made good things)...But you can still pick up the different version of Akari hair with or without the hairbow at Level Up! While the normal and Lolas version of Monokini is still at BareRose too. Happy Birthday Hina and Happy St. Patty's Day tomorrow for everyone else! Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Monokini-L
Hair & Bow - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Akari hair (Level Up)
Earrings - :: Genesis :: - Shamrock Patty Earrings (Retired)
Barettes - ~Scribble~ - Shamrock Double Barette (Retired)
Clover Float - :WhoNose: - Flyable Clover Garden Animated (Retired)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Simple & Clean

So this picture is inspired by the original japanese music video Hikaru Utada did for the Simple & Clean song (many may remember it as the main Kingdom Hearts theme). Since RC Cluster has their dish washing set out, seemed like a perfect fit to me! The cute hairstyle I'm wearing is from Ayashi and can be found at the latest round of Hairology. The outfit I'm wearing is an older mesh release, only the apron is mesh and available for different sizes. Hope you like the look!

This is a good time to point out that Love Soul will be closing in April, so the bubbles and other goods I love them for - are going away. Make sure to check them out before they're gone!

Outfit - BareRose - Syufu Apron-L
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Mayuri hair (Hairology)
Grocery Bag - BareRose - Syufu Apron-L Eco Bag
Clean Cup -RC Cluster- Dirty Cup Clean!
Sponge -RC Cluster- Dish Washer Sponge
Dirty Dishes -RC Cluster- Dirty Dishes pile
Bubbles - [LOVE SOUL] - Shampoo Bubbles (Free/Lucky Chair/Store Closing)
Kitchen - !! Follow US !! - Kitchen everyday

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Inhalation of Nature

So I've been kinda feeling the Zelda Breath of the Wild kick and it's been hard to sit up at the computer soooo quick and easy gamer based post! The outfit is an older elf outfit (that comes with it's own tintable elf ears even!) from BareRose, for multiple chest sized avs and a male version. While the hair is a latest release from Ayashi at We Heart RP. Hope you the look and game on!

Complete Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - Wood Elf Lady T2-L
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Melissa hair (We Heart RP)

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Artist's Block

So lately been kinda worn out from being preggers and my birthday stuffs, so I've had a lil artists block myself as well as being tired out. x_x But we got a lot of fun stuff from the Arcade, RC Cluster has some certificates in a gacha. Lost Junction put out a bored artist kind of desk as well as some framed art gachas at Arcade too. The bracelet is available at Tous Les Enfants from Junk Food, with other awarenesses to support. My tail and ears are new releases you can find at Doki, the tail is even bento. Hope you like the look!

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sally
Outfit - Cotton Candy Monster - Harajuku
Panties - feeler - dropped panties

Outfit - [Cute or Die!] - "Shan" Hoodie Maitreya
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Asuna hair
Shoes - [Cute or Die!] - "Momo" Lolita shoes Maitreya
Bracelet - Junk Food - LGBT Rights Bracelet (Tous Les Enfants)
Ears - [D]oki - Random Fox Ears
Tail - [D]oki - Random Bento Fox Tail
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Extra - Color Pencil - Green (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Extra - Pencil (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Extra - Candy Purple (Arcade Gacha)
Necklace - .Flutter. - Neapolitan Ice Cream Necklace
Choker - [Yumera] - Rainbow Choker

[LostJunction] Fun Art - Our Hero REWARD (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Fun Art - Don't Quibble (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Chair (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Robin Bobblehead (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Whale of a Picture Frame (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Color Pencils (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Duckie Bookends (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Pencils (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Candy Cup (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Obee'Os Cookies Plate (Arcade Gacha)
[LostJunction] Bored At My Desk - Desk (Arcade Gacha)
-RC Cluster- Certification : Certificate of Adoption (Arcade Gacha)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fizzy Sprinkles

So we have a little fun post to wrap up February with and something sweet seemed perfect for me! The Gacha Garden is wrapped up but you can play the same gacha at Ayashi for the hair I'm wearing. The RC Cluster animated drink is available at Whimsical still. While some of these releases from Junk Food may be going away from the events and to the main store soon, the Lollipop gacha is at the Madpea Food Festival and the Bubble pet Monkey is available at the Thimble event in a gacha.

Complete Outfit w/Accessories - BareRose - Donutschan
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Suzuna hair boobs (Gacha Garden)
Animated Drink -RC Cluster- LiftyFizz Drink Bubblegum (Whimsical)
Monkey Friend - Junk Food - Blubble Monkey (Thimble Gacha)
Glasses - Junk Food - Lollipop Glasses (Rainbow) RARE (Madpea Food Fair)

Thursday, February 23, 2017

FF Noodettes

So this is a play on the Cup Noodle ad thing that FFXV did for release and special cup noodles in Japan, they also make a big deal about it in the game so we decided to try a route that would be similar fashion to the FFXV world. All the cup noodles are available from Junk Food at the Madpea Food Fair. While the different tail I'm wearing is one of a few styles of the new Cute or Die kitty tail that you can check out at the Kawaii Project. The heels I'm wearing is an upcoming release from AsteroidBox that will be SaNaRae on the 26th. Hope you like the look!

Jacket - Addams - Charlize Biker Jacket
Top - Blueberry - Tank Top
Pants - Blueberry - Rene Pants
Boots - [monso] - My Combat Ankle Boots
Necklace - [MANDALA] - SHAMIRA DOG TAG necklace
Cup Noodle - Junk Food - Sup Noodles Beef (Madpea Food Fair)

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nakajima
Glasses - PrimOptic - Donna Glasses
Outfit - Bella Moda - Tuta Femmina Black Female Suits
Gloves - RealEvil Industries - Raven Leather Gloves
Shoes - KC Couture - AMY "Flats"
Cup Noodle - Junk Food - Sup Noodles Italian (Madpea Food Fair)

Top/Coat - BareRose - Robe Parka Lady
Skirt - Utilizator - Pleated Skirt
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Triksi hair
Shoes - AsteroidBox. - Poison Heels (SaNaRae)
Tail with Ribbon - [Cute or Die!] - Ecchi Neko tail Bento Preset White (Kawaii Project)
Cup Noodle - Junk Food - Sup Noodles Curry (Madpea Food Fair)
Chopsticks - [Love Soul] - Chopsticks*Noodles*On Mouth (Lucky Chair/Free)

Counter Noodle - Junk Food - Sup Noodles Chicken (Madpea Food Fair)
Ramen Stall - Marketplace - Realstic Ramen Vendor V1.01
Japanese Building - [MSW] - Japanese House 01
Chocobo - [rdm] - baby chocobo
Moodle - [rdm] - Moogle

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Age Fortunetelling

So this is a lil weird one again, I think a lot of my inspiration and ideas come just from bizarre things I see and understand in my head. XD; So this is a different take on 'fortunetelling' cause sexy dancing or stripping fortune telling - why not! The hair is available at the Fetish Fair from Ayashi. While the orbs were available in this months Treasure Chest and the chains (I didn't go for pasties but they make neat pelvis chains) are at Kawaii Project, both from Cubic Cherry. The dust particles and fortune signs are from RC Cluster, you can find them at Coven. All the other furniture is from CMYK in a gacha at Kawaii Project. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Momo Uzume
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Ayumi hair (Fetish Fair)
Orbs - [Cubic Cherry] - {Pixie} orbs LIGHT (Treasure Chest)
Pelvis Chain - [Cubic Cherry] - {Rose} pasties PINK chains (Kawaii Project)
Particles -RC Cluster- Upside Down Particle Dusts (Coven)
Signs - -RC Cluster- Show me a Sign Spellcasters & Seers Palm (Coven)
Signs - -RC Cluster- Show me a Sign Spellcasters & Seers Toad (Coven)
Signs - -RC Cluster- Show me a Sign Spellcasters & Seers Eye (Coven)
Tipjars - CMYK// - 2. tip jar (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Backlight - CMYK// - 3. red light (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Money - CMYK// - 4. money (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Stages - CMYK// - 5. Mini stage (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Sofas - CMYK// - 6. sofa camel (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Building - CMYK// - 7. white pub rare (Kawaii Project Gacha)

Friday, February 17, 2017

90s Love

So I consider myself a 90s child cause it was a good chunk of my growing up and a bit of 80s, I just still have a tender spot in my heart for the stuffs. But I had fun dragging Hina and Cara into this and just having a fun time. All the funwear like step skin, moon boots, posters, etc. are available from RC Cluster at Rewind. The lollipop Hina has is from the Color Me Cute gacha from Junk Food. My hair is available at Hairology from Ayashi. And tons of Cubic Cherry sctuffs like my headphones will be available at Whimsical gacha, the bag is available at Rewind, and the carpets will be available at the Madpea Food Festival coming up. Hope you like the look!

Hair - TRUTH HAIR - Bernadette
Top - Blueberry - Elisa Henley Tops
Shirt - *COCO* - Shirt-tied-around-Waist
Jeans - Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans
Sneakers - [Gos] - Low Tops
Lunar Boots -RC Cluster- Lunar Boot Purplez (Rewind)

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tami
Jacket - Milk Motion - Sleeveless Denim Jacket
Skirt - Maddict - Cher Skirt
Shoes - KC Couture - Harlem Sneakers
Step Skip -RC Cluster- Step Skip! Pink (Rewind)
Lollipop - Junk Food - Sailor Lollipop Moon RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)

Shirt/Pants - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl
Jacket - BareRose - MioPin
Socks - BareRose - Firestarter Purple Socks
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Urumi hair (Hairology)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{Honshu} headphones cute RARE (Whimsical Gacha)
Bag - [Cubic Cherry] - {CubicBoy} bag BLACK (Rewind)
Choker - [Cubic Cherry] - {Beast} choker PINK (Collab88)
Ufo Jumper -RC Cluster- UFO Jump-Jump! Pinurple (Rewind)
Shoes - (fashionably dead) - Girl Power Platforms Silver RARE (Arcade Gacha)

Carpets - [Cubic Cherry] - {Pizzaaa} carpet classic (Madpea Food Fair)
Bag - [Cubic Cherry] - {CubicBoy} bag BLACK (Rewind)
Cookies - =BRUSH= - BurningLoveCookies GIVER
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters Brent Mitchell (Rewind)
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters The Sugar Girls Rainbow (Rewind)
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters JJM (Rewind)
Hairspray -RC Cluster- Hairspray for rezzing (Rewind)
Boombox - TOMGA - hiphop boombox pink

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Nyan Is Love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays since I think love is all around us, not just a couple thing. Even though this picture really kinda goes in a funny direction. The undershirt I have on (had to censor it with a lifted shirt cause no showing nips! but it's very cute) is from Fawn's Demise as a new release on their Marketplace shop. The choker is from Cubic Cherry available at Collab88. While the hair and new ears (that I love wayyyyyy too much) are from Ayashi available in a gacha at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Other things are just random goodies or other things. Hope you like the look and have a fun holiday!

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kiyoshi Hair
Jacket - Razor - Trekka Shirt/Vest
Pants - Loki - Snowboard Pants
Gloves - Utilizator - Fingerless Gloves
Glasses - PrimOptic - Donna Glasses
Necklace - Silvery K - Babiche Dog Tag Necklace
CatNip - Foxtrot Designs - Catnip Bag

Undershirt - [+Fawn's Demise+] - Omega BMine Top .babypink.
Outfit/Socks - BareRose - Omega AA Powered Gym Uniform
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Berta hair (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Ears - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Berta ears (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Choker - [Cubic Cherry] - {Beast} choker PINK (Collab88)
Eyes - [ parfait. ] - KIRAKIRA HAATO LENSES (Group Gift)
Sereni Pose - *MGSIT-STORE* - RUN SET (Free)
Particle Hearts - valentine particle: hearts (Dollarbie on Marketplace)
Location - Aniava Japan

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Chibisitting Valentines Special

So we're revisiting the chibisitting because it works with the theme and I was surprised how popular it was. XD This time I went a more teacher route than caretaker and had Cara and Hina help out. So much to cover in this one! Hina is throwing one of the animated toys Splack from Junk Food at Gacha Garden. Cara's holding one of the RC Cluster buckets available at the Playroom Gacha, with one on the floor too. You can also find all the story time items, a collab from Consignment and RC Cluster, like my chair, floor mats, books, etc. at Collab88. They also have their past glowy stuff, on the wall here, available at the main store and upcoming Rewind event. Little Fox has a bunch of stuff coming out which is so adorbs for all ages. At the upcoming Ninety Nine they'll have friendship bracelets to share with a friend, I wore a matching one with Hina. Then a whole slew of arts and crafts goods at Color Me Cute. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit - NAM - Chibi Clothes
Avatar - NAM - Chibi Avatar Girl
Hair - NAM - Chibi Long Hair
Tail - Nadi Vemo - Jerboa Tail
Bracelet - . Little Fox . - Friendship Bracelet 1/2 (Ninety Nine)
Splack - Junk Food - Red Splack RARE (Gacha Garden)

Avatar - Zmoon - K-ONE _ MIO_ SAILOR
Valentine Bucket -RC Cluster- Love Card Collector Kitty (Playroom Gacha)

Outfit - [monso] - My Teacher Suit Blazer/Skirt/Scarf Black
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Miya hair (Kinky)
Book -RC Cluster & Consignment - Storytime Book Time for Cake (Collab88)
Bracelet - . Little Fox . - Friendship Bracelet 2/2 (Ninety Nine)
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Boy Glasses
Bra - BareRose - The Spider Bra (Discontinued)

. Little Fox . Chair Yellow/Teal (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Table Yellow/Teal (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Nose Crayon (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Crayons (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Drawing Paper (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Glitter Glue (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Glitter Drool (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Pink Scissors (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Blue Scissors (Color me Cute)
. Little Fox . Craft Paper (Color me Cute)
-RC- & Consignment - Storytime Chair (Collab88)
[Con.] & -RC- Storytime Carpet Red (Collab88)
[Con.] & -RC- Storytime Carpet Pink (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment - Storytime Book - Time for Cake (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment - Storytime Book - No TY, I'll Stay Here (Collab88)
-RC- & Consignment - Storytime Book - Dew Goes Poo (Collab88)
-RC- Love Card Collector - Dino (Playroom Gacha)
-RC- Glow Cats (Rewind Gacha)
-RC- Glow Hearts (Rewind Gacha)
-RC- Glow Dino Set RARE (Rewind Gacha)
{L} Anime Room; Big Shelf UNCOMMON (Gacha)
CMYK// 1. you're my destiny (Gacha)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Nap Seeker

Something that relates to how I feel lately. XD; The Gacha Garden has already begun and Cubic Cherry has some cute sleepy time masks available. The Hot Water Bottle is from Little Fox, with a lot of different patterns on the outside. Also Ayashi has a unisex hair available at MOM which may have been moved to the main store at this point, it started kinda late last month and hard to tell when events change over sometimes. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Silk Pajama Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nobuko hair female boobs (Men Only Monthly)
Mask - [Cubic Cherry] - 09{Naps} mask angry W (Gacha Garden)
Head Pillow - [Cubic Cherry] - (SOI){Naps} PILLOW A (Gacha Garden)
Other Pillow - [Cubic Cherry] - (SOI){Naps} PILLOW B (Gacha Garden)
Waterbottle - . Little Fox . - Bundled Lil Hottie Deco
Bed - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Pink Bed RARE (Gacha)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gameday Prep

So I'm not huge into football but since it's superbowl it's just everywhere and why not just make a goofy kinda pic with how I might prep for it. XD; A lot of the items are just newer releases at the various stores listed below. But the furnitures from AsteroidBox will be available at the upcoming Coven event. Hope you like the look~!

Outfit & Ball - BareRose - Metaltector
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Naoki hair Boobs (Cosmetic Fair)
Weights -RC Cluster- Forearm Force Fitness Weight
Foot Spea -RC Cluster- Forever Foot Spa
Hotwater Bottle - . Little Fox . - Bundled Lil Hottie Deco
Lights White - AsteroidBox. - Star Light // White (Coven)
Lights Red - AsteroidBox. - Star Light // Red (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Good Times (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Gonna Die (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Everything is fine (Coven)
Soda - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party MTN Buzz Bottle (Arcade Gacha)
Pizza - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Lugosi Pizza, Boxed (Arcade Gacha)
Caramel Corn - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Caramel Corn (Arcade Gacha)
Cheesey Corn - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Cheezy Corn (Arcade Gacha)
Pillows - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Pillow Pile (Arcade Exclusive Bonus)
Stool - [LostJunction] - Mayview Bar Stool 1LI

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sweetest Cream

So we got a couple ecchi kinda themed things so, I figured it'd be a fine time to compile them though some of the events are ending soon or ending. We got the hair from Ayashi at ROMP. The unicorn themed things like the horn is a gacha at Kawaii Project and the matching gag is available at Hentai Fair. The LoveFox cummies is a new release at their store, you can mod it up if you wanna have something else in your mouth - works really well for multiple types of avs. The eyepatch is another piece from the Peach Box gacha I covered last post. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Boots - BareRose - White Corset 773
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Lessie hair Boobs (ROMP)
Unicorn Horn - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{So Magical!} Light horn RARE (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Mouth Gag - [Cubic Cherry] - {Unicorn} gag white (Hentai Fair)
Mouth Cream - {LoveFox} - Cummies
Eyepatch - PEACH.BOX - RARE B Eyebandage//White CM (Gacha)

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Down with Kowai Sickness

So going into a kowai kinda look since it's been awhile. We got the Karen hair, that you can wear with or without hat from Ayashi at Seasons Story. The starry collar is available from Pixel Geek at the Hentai Fair. While a lot of the accessories are a mash up of items from Peachbox and Cubic Cherry; CC's is at Epiphany while Peachbox is available at their main store. Used another gacha piece from CMYK at Kawaii Project for the background and filled it with new furniture type releases at AsteroidBox that you can find at SaNaRae and the upcoming Vampire Heart event. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Exile
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Karen hair with hat (Seasons Story)
Eyepatch - PEACHBOX. - RARE A // Hearty Eyepatch // Black (Gacha)
Bandage - PEACHBOX. - Nose Bandage // Black #6 (Gacha)
Mask Bloody - PEACHBOX. - Black // Bloody #10 (Gacha)
Thermometer - PEACHBOX. - Thermometer #17 (Gacha)
Starry Collar - Pixel Geek - Starlight Collar (Hentai Fair)
Bracelets - [Cubic Cherry] - 00B{Rebel} bracialet black (Epiphany Gacha)
Chain Balloon - [Cubic Cherry] - 02{Rebel} escape black RARE (Epiphany Gacha)
Mask Latex - [Cubic Cherry] - 09{Rebel} mask black-red (Epiphany Gacha)
Spiked Collar - [Cubic Cherry] - 18{Rebel} collar black (Epiphany Gacha)
Boots - BareRose -  Highplu
Necklace - BareRose - Open My Black Heart Necklace
Tattoo - BareRose - Soul Eater Lady Tattoo

Building - CMYK// - 4. you're my destiny (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Bloody Heart Set - AsteroidBox. - Removed Heart Set (Vampire Heart)
Bag - AsteroidBox. - Apothecary Medicine Bag (SaNaRae)
Drawers Empty - AsteroidBox. - Apothecary Drawers Empty // Black (SaNaRae)
Drawers Full - AsteroidBox. - Apothecary Drawers Full // Black (SaNaRae)

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adventures in Chibisitting

So instead of typical babysitting I figured, with Hina, to go a different route. There are kids in anime but why not go the silly route of chibis instead! To start off I've begun to use BareRose's new bento cat tail, available in different colors at their store - which is interesting to say the least. I love the motion of it, a lot more than I thought I would. The outfit I'm wearing is from them as well and still a new release and comes with different color options too. The hair is available from Ayashi at Gacha Guardians. While the stickers I have on my face and rezzed out are both from Little Fox that is at Lost and Found. Most of the decor is a combination of items from Little Fox and LoveFox, various gacha, new releases, and events. The building is another gacha prize from CMYK at Kawaii Project. Finished up with other bits and bobs from my inventory. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - NAM - Chibi Clothes
Avatar - NAM - Chibi Avatar Girl
Hair - NAM - Chibi Long Hair
Tail - Nadi Vemo - Jerboa Tail

Complete Outfit - BareRose - Maid T6C2
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Eriko hair (Gacha Guardians)
Face Stickers - . Little Fox . - Sticker Sheet (Lost and Found)
Tail - BareRose - White B-Tail *Bento*

Building - CMYK// - 1. you're my destiny (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Sippy Cup - . Little Fox . - Sippy Cup (Color Me Cute)
Doge Mug - . Little Fox . - Holdy Mug Doge
Fox Mug - . Little Fox . - Holdy Mug Fox
Blue Bun Mug - . Little Fox . - Lil Bun Mug Blue
Pink Bun Mug - . Little Fox . - Lil Bun Mug Pink
Pacifier - . Little Fox . - Pacifier Fox (Secret Harmony)
Sticker Sheets - . Little Fox . - Sticker Sheet Rez Me (Lost and Found)
Tissues - . Little Fox . - Jinbe San Tissue Box Deco
Sweets Plate - {LoveFox} - Tea Time; Full Plate UNCOMMON (Gacha)
Table - {LoveFox} - Tea Time; Table ULTRARARE (Gacha)
Bookshelf - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Big Shelf UNCOMMON (Gacha)
Floor Books - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Magical Girl's Books UNCOMMON (Gacha)
Corkboard - *CutieCakes* - Kawaii Cork Board pink (Gacha)
Plushie - Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Whimsy the Unicorn (Arcade Gacha)
Chairs - Utilizator - Classroom Chairs Modified

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Not HEN-tai

So this was a weird pun I thought made sense but when I tried to connect chicks to hens to hentai it just got weird to explain it, maybe it won't be lost on other people. XD; To start with items there's a new released dress from Cute or Die at the Kawaii Project. While the scenery is from CMYK also at the same event. The hair is an older release from Ayashi at Project Se7en. Then Pixel Geek has retextured some of their older books and updated a Hentai based one for Hentai Fair. The crown is a release from RC Cluster (haha almost made another joke RC Cluckster, yaaa...I'm tired). Then the rest is gacha you can still find at Oh My Gacha from Cubic Cherry. Hope you like the look!

Dress - [Cute or Die!] - "Noir" Dress (Kawaii Project)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Marie hair (Project Se7en)
Glasses - [Cubic Cherry] - 02 {Lunette} granny glasses silver RARE (Oh My Gacha)
Book - Pixel Geek - Cutesy "He N Ta I" book (Hentai Fair)
Crown -RC Cluster- Paper Crown - Curly Gold
Big Chick - [Cubic Cherry] - 01 {Pii} companion chick RARE (Oh My Gacha)
Tiny Chicks - [Cubic Cherry] - 08 {Pii} chick group yellow (Oh My Gacha)
Tiny Chicks - [Cubic Cherry] - 09 {Pii} chick group pink (Oh My Gacha)
Tiny Chicks - [Cubic Cherry] - 10 {Pii} chick group sky (Oh My Gacha)
Tiny Chicks - [Cubic Cherry] - 11 {Pii} chick group lilac (Oh My Gacha)
Tiny Chicks - [Cubic Cherry] - 12 {Pii} chick group white (Oh My Gacha)
Building - CMYK// - 7. you're my destiny rare 1 (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Boots - BareRose - White Liita White Shoelace

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Splashy Sea Nymph

So this is a lot of stuffs and lovely mer stuffs (I never get enough mer stuffs!) available at this round of Secret Affair. Doki put out a new mer mod, in multiple colors, for Secret Affair; as well as Brush has out jellyfish themed lamps. The face charms a new release from LoveFox that have different color options too. At Momento Mori you can find this new hair from Ayashi, which I thought was perfect for this. While the other objects were things I had in my inventory from just around. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Top - BareRose - Sea Nymph Shirt
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Silena hair (Momento Mori)
Mertail - [D]oki - Mer-Mods {Seafoam} (Secret Affair)
Bubbles - [D]oki - Ick {Seafoam} (Secret Affair)
Face Stars - {LoveFox} - Glitter Stars;
Blue Lamp - =BRUSH= - Jelly Lamp [BLUE] (Secret Affair)
Green Lamp - =BRUSH= - Jelly Lamp [GREEN] (Secret Affair)
Eyes - MeowStyle - Sky Candy Eyes
Headband - [*RD*]* - Pearl Starfish Beaded Headband-Light Blue* (Old Group Gift)
Choker - [NANI] - Crab.Choker Purple (Gacha)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mystical Maiden

Trying to play le catchup with things, so we have another double picture post. I know these aren't my most popular but it helps showcase the furniture off better than my big butt blocking stuff in the outfit. XD Some things to note is the new released color version of Hinaoh from BareRose. The Ayashi hair you can get from this months Loot Box, or sign up to start getting them more regularly. The collar is from AsteroidBox at ROMP and Cubic Cherry also has a gag at the same event. Cubic Cherry also has a monocle available at Project Se7en and upcoming horns at Momento Mori. The furniture is mostly the new gacha set from AsteroidBox at Gacha Guardians, but the teacup and books are new releases and gacha from RC Cluster. Hope you like the look!

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - Hinaoh C2
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Ines hair (Loot Box)
AsteroidBox. Three Strap Collar // Black (ROMP)
Horns - [Cubic Cherry] - {Hekon} horns black (Momento Mori)
Monocle - [Cubic Cherry] - {Alvie} monocle gold (Project Se7en)
Face Jewels - [Cubic Cherry] - {Giza} jewels - gold
Rose Gag - [Cubic Cherry] - {Cadence} gag red rose (ROMP)

AsteroidBox. Forest Moon Canvas (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Lunar Canvases (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Caged Bird Lights (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Wooden Dresser w/ Lights (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Bird Leg Candle Stick // RedSilver (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Bird Leg Candle Stick // PurpleGold (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Pagan Year Wheel Table (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Broken Bulb Bottle Light (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Candle Lit Fireplace (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Full Moon Makeup Palette  // GOG (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Purple Moon Lamp // GOG (Gacha Guardians)
AsteroidBox. Vintage Vanity // RARE (Gacha Guardians)
-RC- New You Self Help Books - Stack for Table Stack for Table
-RC- New You Self Help Books - Stack for Table Stack for Shelf
-RC- New Day Mugs - Sleep Tea RARE (Gacha)
[K]oi - Gothic Lolita Skybox

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sereni Vlog - Anime Hair Guide

Did a small vlog post talking about anime hair and other guide infos. ^ ^ Check out the video through the link below

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Wintery School Return

So as a lot of people know I've been pretty ill RL lately and it's been delaying and making me struggle with posting. I think it's finally changing over so I should be back to normal posting next week. To try and make up a bit for lack of posts this week, this time it's a double picture! One showing off the furniture and the other showing off more of the outfit stuffs. Some other news to cover is LoveFox has now opened a little based store called Little Fox that I'll be covering some of their items as well, make sure to check it out! So all the furniture is a gacha from CMYK available at Project Se7en. The hairstyle is available at SaNaRae from Ayashi, all my starry deco and jewelry is a new released set from BRUSH, as mentioned before the backpack is from the newly opened Little Fox, and the scarf I'm wearing will be available at the upcoming round of Seasons Story from Cubic Cherry. My main outfit is a somewhat recent release from BareRose and comes for different versions and colors - there's flat, lolas, etc. Hope you like the look and looking forward to be blogging more!

Outfit/Socks/Shoes - BareRose - Attaka Sailor
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Shiro hair (SaNaRae)
Star Jewelry/Deco - =BRUSH= - Sparkle Star PACK
Backpack - . Little Fox . - Big Backpack Princess (Ninety Nine)
Scarf - [Cubic Cherry] - {Maru} scarf snowy white (The Seasons Story)

CMYK// 1. school desk set (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 2. teacher table (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 3. blackboard (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 4. locker 1 (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 5. locker 2 (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 6. bowl (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 7. memo board (Project Se7en Gacha)
CMYK// 8. happy ending class rare (Project Se7en Gacha)