Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The sign read NO MOD but I read it as NO FURRY

This is a really personal post that's near and dear to my heart since I am very much furry. Lately in SL there's been these crazy copybot scares going on. Everywhere I turn I see No Mod on hair and almost everything I want to buy now. I know creators are trying to protect themselves and maybe furries are only a small portion of people they sell to but goddam. It's getting crazy, I don't know where I can buy hair almost anymore and I can mod it to the color I like or size to fit my furry head or even attach it to my head to save on prim room.

I know almost no one reads this blog or whatever but I wish creators wouldn't forget that maybe a couple furry customers may be interested in your stuff but without modding you're probably not going to have us come back. The funny thing is - is that creators think that doing this protects their stuff when there have been ways proven to get around it. I wouldn't dare copybot even if someone payed me to, but I hope creators realize this...I'm tired of seeing these signs that say NO MOD and all I read it as is NO FURRY.

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Emilly Orr said...

The first question is, have you asked any of the makers about it directly? Though I admit, I am far less likely to buy hair that's no mod. I may have to make a concerted effort for a bit to drop off notecards saying "Sorry, I would have bought X, but it's no mod."