Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FluttahBot 002

Mark 002 Fluttah Bot Complete and fresh off the assembly line! So I was messing around with an old freebie from Primal Groove which was a dollarbie cyber eye set for a limited time or something? It may even still be there and their stuff was fairly priced. So after messing around with that and made an eye that fit into my head pretty well.

Then I was like, yanno I dun think I've tried a cool cyberish av. So I started rummaging through my inventory and most of what I had and most of my cyber related outfits were naturally BareRose. So I ended up combing their Cy-Tennyo, Simple Cyber Arm, and AlmiGirl outfits. The main outfit is the Cy-Tennyo, the arm and leg pieces at Simple Cyber Arm, and wings are from the AlmiGirl outfit. Overall cost is 315L$, which is kinda expensive but yer getting 3 outfits outta that technically which isn't bad. ^^ Time to kiss the Cyber Kitty Butt byes for now!

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