Monday, February 21, 2011

Warning Wide Load Kitty!

So this coming Friday is another EGL event, it's going to be the EGL Midsummer Night Dream ball event at BareRose. The theme is kinda wintery ballgownish, but the event item that BareRose made for the attendee's is just stunning. I think I put this on and was like. O_O 'OMG did my gown just eat someone?' It is a hugggeeee skirt but just wow on the details and prettyness. I really can't imagine how the final product is going to look when she puts it out for sale. Either way hard to turn down a nice free dress for just showing up to a party. Once again I'll be DJing some jpop tunes. Hope to see you there. ^^

Outfit - Ireen for EGL event - L$0 (Free for Attendees)
BareRose Ballroom - February 25th - 8pm SLT
Event Location -

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