Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for Japan

Next is a bit of a compliation of things but all in all it's for charities that go towards Japan. This pic was inspired by the cheapie yet meaningful items that both Water Sapphire and Ribbon put out. The shirt from Ribbon is trans and highly reccomended to share with others; they're also putting all their store proceeds towards a japanese charity for the rest of the month. Water Sapphire is an adorable pose store yet hard to find so I provided the slurl. ^^

Shirt - Pray for Japan Shirt - Ribbon - L$5
Pants - Colored Lowrise - BareRose - L$135
Hair - Nana White (Tinted) - Kin - L$100
Pose - Pray for Japan - Water Sapphire - Donate/Pay What You Can

Outfit - Insane Black Rock Shooter - GN - L$1800
Hair - Kiriyo - Sadistic Hacker - L$250

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