Sunday, September 25, 2011

Support Choice!

So it's that time again when the Choice! event has begun. 20 shops to get cards at and 20 prizes to choose from! Make sure to check out the website or stop by the Choice! Event Hall to see what they are and then have a fun time shopping to get some stamp cards. ^^ I've you've never done it before, you do not want to miss out - this time a lot of creators really made some amazing things and they do not go for sale after the event. It ends in October but always good to start planning now since the event is already happening. Hope to see you there!

Choice! Website

Choice! Event Hall

Outfit - Choice! Staff Uniform - Edelweiss - N/A
*You can find some similar outfits for sale if you like this one!*
Hair - Trixie Hair White (Tinted & Modded) - Truth - L$250
Choice Accessories - Choice! Souvenirs - Choice! - L$0 Only at Choice Event Hall

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