Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Princess Alice!

So this blog post comes with another blah bit of news. The cake sim, one of the prettiest all nom themed sims is closing. It'll be gone Feburary 15th. Unfortunately it's one of the only locations you can buy certain items from Cupcakes & Poetry. In my case, it's this Alice dress. ^^ You can buy it as part of a fat pack on market but if you only like one out of a buncha dresses, can be kinda annoying on the wallet. You can check out the cake sim here and the teleporter to the store is nearby. Also decided to get this cute nose licking tongue I found by random while browsing at a shop I never heard of called SIG. I provided the slurl so you can check it out, they have furry mods and other stuffs for sale too. I retextured the tongue for a more pink look but it has a normal reddish color and mod so you can work with it some. Hope you enjoy the look and check out the sim before it's gone. ^^

Crown - Diamond Crown - Cute Bytes - L$35 or Lucky Chair Prize
Dress - Alice in Wonderland Dress - Cupcakes & Poetry - L$300
Tongue - Nose Licker (Modded) - SIG - L$75
Hair - Sachiko Mesh White (Modded) - Wasabi Pills - L$250

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