Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome to the Lab...

So, lately there's some good hunts and events going on this month and it's been very overwhelming. I was trying on the new LCKY hairs and combined it with an upcoming one. I really have to admit I enjoy combining their hairs together cause the textures manage to just work well. I don't know how else to explain it. ^ ^ So anyway they're in the FemBoy Hunt going on this month, until the 15th, and you can get their Hansel hair (comes with a mostly bang piece like I wore here or a full hairstyle which isn't shown here) for L$2. Pretty good deal considering it's a limited edition hair that won't be sold after the event - GO GET IT!

Then LCKY is in the upcoming Big Show event with their Lynlee hair and will be discounted at the event, then released at a normal price after.  Dunno why but just combining them together is cute imo, but I had fun taking it instead of the cute way to a little darker mad scientist way. Also the outfit I put together has some limited time free pieces from Rotten Toe in the current Twisted Gridwide Hunt. So make sure to check out these things before they're gone! I hope you like them. ^ ^

Labcoat - Rotten Toe - Mesh Mens Lab Coat M (Current Twisted Hunt Prize)
Shoes/Socks - Rotten Toe - Mesh Stilettos Bloody M (Current Twisted Hunt Prize)
Shirt and Skirt - Lamp*Light - Help Me Doctor Outfit
Hair 1 - LCKY - Lynlee
Hair 2 - LCKY - Hansel II (Current Femboy Hunt Prize)
Syringe - Static - Giant Syringe (Free)
Potion/Poison - *Boof - Poison Beaker (FTLO Old Hunt Prize)
Location - Yellow Jester Basement

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