Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dream On Princess

Woo~ So happily the 9th Anniversary of BareRose is over, if you have a chance make sure to check out some of the goodies before they're gone! So it's a new month and as such, so many events have popped up! The kitty tail I'm wearing, which I'm so sorry you can't see the really well animatedness of it through pics, is from yumyums at the One Word event. They also have some nice birthstone chokers out at the We Heart Roleplay event too. I loved the latest releases from Pantsu*Hunter which just blend so well together~ They made this adorable little Yui dress which comes in multiple colors, but I adore their blues. *heart* ^ ^ The little gem choker, with color change options. Anddddd~ This lovely crown! *3* I love how they have the color change HUD so I could make it match too, the crown is an exclusive for the Fit For a Princess event going on right now. While the scepter goes good, it actually is made by Amai and is available in multiple colors with particle effects at the Kings & Queens Fair. The lovely hairstyle I'm wearing is the latest release from LCKY, I really ended up loving it a lot more than I was planning on! Hope you like my look, it was inspired by a princess with big dreams. ^ ^ Thanks for the support.

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - yui dress .blue.
Hair - LCKY - Lucy
Shoes - BareRose - White XoXo
Choker 1 - Pantsu*Hunter - little gem collar
Choker 2 - yumyums - Birthstone Choker Diamond (We Heart RP Event)
Tail - yumyums - Curious Kitty Tail {Snowball} (One Word Event)
Scepter - Amai - Decoden Scepter. Gold Blueberry (Kings & Queens Fair)
Crown - Pantsu*Hunter - peach crown (Fit for a Princess Event)

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