Monday, February 2, 2015

Shine Like A Cupcake!

Haha so I wasn't feeling too inventive with the title but just a couple cute things to show off with some upcoming events. ^ ^ I guess this is technically my first February post and expect a lot of lovey stuff and noms cause it's what I love! Also should have some things for the Furry Fest coming up soon too. Lots of random gacha things cause I went nuts and what not. I haven't had a chance to blog it all yet but this adorable tea dress from  yumyums at the Fashion Fair comes in soooo many options. I just loved this color choice the most. The cupcake itself is part of a cheapie hunt from Cupcakes Anonymous too! Hope you like the look.

Dress - .{yumyums}. - Teatime Dress Lavender (Fashion Fair Event)
Vest - BareRose - White Merry
Shoes - ALTAIR* - ribbon platforms .grape.
Tongue - Mokyu - AHS_Tongue_4 (Mokyu Group Gift)
Cupcake - Fawn's Demise - Tummyache Cuppycake .AOPose. (Cupcake Anonymous Hunt Prize)
Necklace - tsg - Sweetheart Necklace Choco
Garter - Lo*Momo - garter Satin-White (Gacha)
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl
Hair - Rosy mood - MESH hair / Swirly (Modded)
Scrunchie - Edelweiss - Chouchou Pastel pink (Gacha)
Bow - BABY - Cutie Heart Bow {head HAIRCLIP} (Hello Beautiful Event)
Hair Mini Bows - Turducken - Harajuku Girl Hair Bows (Woodlands Gacha)
Hair Pins - Turducken - Harajuku Girl Hair Pins (Woodlands Gacha)
Hair Clips - Turducken - Harajuku Girl Hair Clips (Woodlands Gacha)

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