Monday, July 13, 2015

Cafe Sweets & Summer

So lots of things going on, Candy Fair, OMGacha, Seasons Story, etc. etc. @ @ I know I'm really overwhelmed with all these goodies. So another swimsuit and cutesy themed look. Not gonna type too much cause not really sure what to say at times like this. XD Hope you like the look!

Bikini - ALTAIR* - ruffle bikini .blue. (OMGacha Event)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Etsuko hair (Hair Fair)
Scepter - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Candy Mage} scepter sky (Candy Fair)
Tail - darkendStare. - sugar candyfloss tail

Decor (Think it speaks for itself & I'm lazy)
All created by .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.
{Trapezist Swing} (Wayward Carnival Event)
04 {NIJI cafe} stool C (Candy Fair Gacha)
03 {NIJI cafe} stool B (Candy Fair Gacha)
02 {NIJI cafe} stool A (Candy Fair Gacha)
01 {NIJI cafe} Counter RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
16 {NIJI cafe} Sleepy snack  RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
19 {NIJI cafe} Clock (Candy Fair Gacha)
17 {NIJI cafe} Tea plate (Candy Fair Gacha)
07 {NIJI cafe} Donut B (Candy Fair Gacha)
09 {NIJI cafe} Milkshake A (Candy Fair Gacha)
05 {NIJI cafe} Donutdisplay RARE (Candy Fair Gacha)
18 {NIJI cafe} Cocoa plate (Candy Fair Gacha)
10 {NIJI cafe} Milkshake B (Candy Fair Gacha)
08 {NIJI cafe} Donut C (Candy Fair Gacha)
15 {NIJI cafe} lollipop JAR (Candy Fair Gacha)
13 {NIJI cafe} Macaroni JAR (Candy Fair Gacha)
11 {NIJI cafe} Milkshake C (Candy Fair Gacha)
06 {NIJI cafe} Donut A (Candy Fair Gacha)
12 {NIJI cafe} Milkshake D (Candy Fair Gacha)
14 {NIJI cafe} candy JAR (Candy Fair Gacha)

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