Thursday, August 6, 2015

Aoi Pinku Maho

So wheee, I got a partner to help me out with this blogpost! I'm always happy to involve people in my blog post especially when they have the items I'm covering. XD; Luckily Hina played the gacha this outfit is from and made a cute counterpart. This is also my last post for the manga fair which ends on the 9th! Hit it up! Also these cute outfits and staves, which are really nice and can't even be presented best cause of the glow effect, are from Dimensional at AniMagical Gacha event. ^ ^ Hope you like the look!

Hoodie Dress - Dimensional - Magical Dress Yeti Rare (AniMagical Gacha)
Hair - [K Z S] - Hair Anime Unisex Kyo (Manga Fair)
Shoes - (fashionablydead) - Girl Power Platforms White RARE (Gacha)
Staff - Dimensional - Magical Staff Ice (AniMagical Gacha)
Socks - Old Freebie from Peppermint Blue

Hoodie Dress - Dimensional - Magical Dress Rose (AniMagical Gacha)
Hair - Utilizator - Hood Hair
Shoes/Socks - *109prims* - PU-SAILOR01 Loose socks
Staff - Dimensional - Magical Staff White (AniMagical Gacha)

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