Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wintery Stew Brew

This is a really cute new set release from Lost Junction, the Baby, You've Got a Stew Going! set at the Wayward Winter Event. Some other fun releases there are from Naminoke and Ayashi who go together well. Always happy to have Hina help me with a post too. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Apron - DitzzyDesigns - Apron Texture Changing
Hair - Yumyum - barberyumyum71
Shoes - Rei's Stuff - Loafers
Extras - Utilizator 2.0 Socks/Panties(Snowflake Mod by Serenity), ZeroStyle Nekomimi
Ears, AMBIX Stoopid Kupid Tail

Sweater - [Toiz] - Basic MTM 1 (Music & Fashion Fair)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nessie hair (Wayward Winter Market)
Headband - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Nessie headband (Wayward Winter Market)
Scarf - *Naminoke* - MUFF with BUNNY WHITE #1 (Wayward Winter Market Gacha)
Shoes - Momento. - walker boots gacha / Khaki (Kustom9 Gacha)
Skirt - []::Tuli::[]  - Black Mini prim skirt (Old Freebie)

[LostJunction] Baby, You've Got a Stew Going! Decor
[LJ] BYGASG - Cutting Board with Meat gives knife (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Bowl of Stew (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Butcher Knife (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Spoon (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Onion (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Carrot (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Placemat Full gives spoon (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Stew Pot - Lid Off Unscripted (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Vegetable Plate gives vegetables (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Bread Plate gives bread (Wayward Winter Market)
[LJ] BYGASG - Serving Spoon (Wayward Winter Market)
Clock - Kuro - Fishercat
Fridge - ~BAZAR~ - Modern fridge
Most Kitchen Furniture - !! Follow US !! - Kitchen everyday

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