Thursday, April 21, 2016

HeXXX Magic!

So I've kinda be dabbling with somewhat ecchi pictures, moreso implied than really exposing anything. I recently got {Love} as one of my new sponsors, and so epic happy because I've been a fan of their stuff but I rarely got a chance to blog it. Now I'll have a lot more chances! Plus, this release is right up my alley since they were very kind. The new Witch Hat release they put out, which comes in 3 varieties comes with a free babydoll black cat dress I'm wearing in this picture. ^ ^ Also got some of their other recent releases like the Kawaii Neko Collar, Clow Carpet (woo Cardcaptor Sakura ftw!), and Exodus book that I bought awhile back but thought it would be great here. Kudos to Hina helping me out by being a smexy succubus in a spell gone wrong. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - {Love} - Babydoll Dress; Black Cat (Free with Witch Hat Purchase)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Larine hair (ROMP)
Hat - {Love} - Witch Hat; Bow
Collar - {Love} - Kawaii Neko Collar
Spellbook - {Love} - Book of Exodus
Rug/Pillows - {Love} - Clow Carpet; Sun
Shoes - Anachron - Hole Hearted Rocking Horse Shoe Black (Kawaii PonPon)
Skybox - A.D.D Andel! - Stary Night Hunt Skybox

Hair - Ayashi - Cherry
BewbBat = Half-Deer - Hearthugger Bat Candy Pop RARE (Gacha)
Fangs - Mokyu - HINA-Applier-Kmono-Fang
Necklace - RealEvil Industries - NOX Blasphemy Choker
Wings - Somali - PataPataWing4-Devil (Gacha)
Horns - Sanu - Succubus Horns Black
Boots - KO-H - Avatar 2.0 Overknee Boots Selena

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