Friday, June 17, 2016

Butterfly Breeze

So this was an accessory bonanza for me, with the cute little kitty accessories that Asteroid Box has been putting out. You can find their bag at the Black Dot Project and the phone at their main store, with other color options~! The daisy geta are from Cubic Cherry Kre-ations at this round of Kawaii Project, and my little butterfly buddies are a gacha at the Color Me Cute event. Other bits and bobs and the Sallie top are just available at their normal stores. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

Top - {sallie} - Off Shoulder Tee Mait Beta white
Undertop - Utilizator - Bikini Top
Shorts/Panties - Utilizator - Open Shorts Blue
Hair - *Alice Project* - Thanako Basics
Phone - AsteroidBox. - Three Eyed Neko Phone // Pink
Bag - AsteroidBox. - Happy Neko Bag // White (Black Dot Project)
Sandals - .::Cubic Cherry::. - {Daisy} geta white wood snow (Kawaii Project)
Collar - ALTAIR* - nyan choker .blue.
Butterfly Typers/Wears -
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Midnight RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Twilight RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Pastel (Color Me Cute Gacha)
TicTacTot - Butterfly Typer Moon RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)

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