Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Anime Day

So this is another fun set, thanks to Hina for helping me out with it too! Showcasing the upcoming gacha set that LoveFox will have available at the Manga Fair - it's all the furniture here except the riding crop and paddle are from AsteroidBox. The crop and paddle come with a set of poses and can be found at Kinky Gone Kawaii. My hair is Ayashi's release at Mens Only Monthly; and most of my outfit is one of the newer releases from BareRose. Other bits in there too. Hope you like the look!

Shirt - BareRose - BaseBall T&S-L
Panties - Utilizator - MB2 Panties
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Katsuro hair (Men Only Monthly)
Hina Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Shizuka
Decor -
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Big Shelf UNCOMMON (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Magical Girl's Books UNCOMMON (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Sticky Magazines RARE (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Posters (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Kuma Rug RARE (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Pink Bed RARE (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE (Manga Fair Gacha)
{LoveFox} Fawxy's Strawberry Milk (Manga Fair)
AsteroidBox. Fairy Crop (Kinky Gone Kawaii)
AsteroidBox. Princess Paddle (Kinky Gone Kawaii)
Falling Towel - Meli Imako - Mesh_Towel Around the neck M
Tentacle - Curio Obscura - Friendly Tentacle from the Floor

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