Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summertime Showdown

So thanks to Hina, and this overwhelming heat, and the fun stuff creators have been putting out for the season - we have another summery themed pic. I would totally kill for one of these mini pools (I resized it so I could fit my fat butt in there XD;) from Junk Food that you can play for in either normal or kids side at the Playroom. Also at the Playroom a lil squirty whale gacha that RC Cluster has too. You can also get a more normal water pistol toy from RC at their Summerfest booth too, and some funtime surf boards (with animations) at the Seasons Story. The glasses I'm wearing are also from the Seasons Story from Cubic Cherry. Meanwhile the other Junk Food items like treats in buckets and nom are new releases at their main store. Other items are available at their respective stores. Hope you like the look and can beat the heat!

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Soul
Outfit - Utilizator - School Swimsuit
Water Gun -RC Cluster- Wetter Pistol Aqua (Summerfest)

Outfit/Most Accessories - BareRose - Suisei
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Yuzu hair Rigged (Hair Fair)
Glasses - [Cubic Cherry] - {Stella} glasses (Seasons Story)
Icepop - Junk Food - Icepop Blue Mouth
Icepop Bucket - Junk Food - Icepops Bucket Bigs
Snack Bucket - Junk Food - Oldfish Bucket Bigs
Orca Toy -RC Cluster- Mr. Whale Orca (Playroom Gacha)
Pool - Junk Food - Blue Palm Pool (Bigs) RARE (Playroom Gacha)
Surfboards -
-RC Cluster- Tubular Surf Boards Blue rez & sit (Seasons Story)
-RC Cluster- Tubular Surf Boards Green rez & sit (Seasons Story)
-RC Cluster- Tubular Surf Boards Neon rez & sit (Seasons Story)
-RC Cluster- Tubular Surf Boards Red rez & sit (Seasons Story)
-RC Cluster- Tubular Surf Boards Malibu rez & sit (Seasons Story)
Kitsune - !4 - 13 kyuubi-kitune (Gacha)

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