Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ravenclaw Rally

So new picture to visit back to one of my fave fandoms - Harry Potter. Junk Food put out a new gacha set with lots of Harry Potter snack goodies that you can get at Gacha Garden, and a free snitch gift if you join the Gimme Gacha group. The hair is the older hairstyle Molly, but there's some new VIP/Group Gift bows and a red version gift if you're part of the Ayashi group. Next other gacha set is from CMYK which made up the rest of the furniture, that you can play at 6 Republic. The outfit made me kinda have a HP feel to it, especially the colors offered - is from Les Encantades which will be available at We Heart RP. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - *LesEncantades* - Giddi Azur (We Heart RP)
Hair/Bows - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Molly hair&bows V.I.P. Halloween gift (Group Gift)
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Boy Glasses
Furniture/Building - CMYK// - Here come the regrets (6 Republic Gacha)
All Foods & Other Goodies -
Junk Food - Golden Snitch (Gacha Garden Gift)
Junk Food - Butterbeer Drink Dispenser RARE (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Fever Fudge (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Honeypukes (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Puking Pastilles (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - All Flavor Jellybeans RARE (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Chocolate Frogs RARE (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Bats Blood Soup (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Acid Pops (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Exploding Bonbons (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Pumpkin Juice (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Raven Table (Gacha Garden)
Junk Food - Butterbeer Mug (Gacha Garden)

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