Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Masked Kitty!

So I got some really nice shoes from The Pony Store for furries, which most may not know about. ^^ I have their link on the side of the blog and they occationally put out cute furry gear. The nice thing about these shoes are that they can be modded through a HUD to change the color on any piece so you could wear them with any fur color (solid colors) and change the shoe colors to match whatever outfit. Naturally I decided to go with a dark look for these with a kinda masquerade type thing. XD Enjoy.

Mask - Malevola Mask - Illusions - NFS (Old Dollarbie at Fantasy Faire)
Shoes - Paw Boots (Four Toe) - The Pony Store - L$199
Outfit - Behind the Mask - BareRose - L$145
Hair - Waverly - KA - NFS

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