Saturday, April 2, 2011

Project Fur Japan Fur the Animals!

So Project Fur Japan is officially open! You can find the link in my last post or on their website which is in the sidelinks. There are some adorable animal related goods for sale at this event. One of these is from Paris Rain who made some cute KittyCat's themed items ment for the breedables to lay on but I find it works fine with tiny kitty avs if you have 'um! ^^ I'm the lil siamese nekogarumi in here and Hina is the scottish fold one; who is a very very lazy kitty. Also decided to include the adorable Shiba Inu from Hazard Kitty and some cute sushi. ^^ Make sure to check out the event for these and more great finds.

Avatar1 - Nekogarumi slamsese kitty kanban - Elan - L$100 Avatar2 - Nekogarumi taremimi san . - Elan - L$100 Cat Beds - Paris' Coastal Bay Kitty Beds ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Cat Tree - Paris' Island Punch Cat Tree ~ PFJ - Paris - L$75 Shiba Inu - Shiba Inu Dog ~ PFJ - Hazard Kitty - L$150 Sushi Dish - Walking Sushi - Inaka - L$0 Single Sushi Pieces - Sea Bream Nigiri - Satu's Sushi - L$80

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