Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sooooo today I decided to try a human look. XD And since most of you know my love of horror themed things I of course took it in that direction. I really love this look and it was really helped inspired by some of the great items I had hidden in inventory and available at the Miniascape Horror Night (make sure to check it out!). This will probably rarely ever happen, me being human, but it's fun to dress up once in awhile. ;3

Skin - ONRYOU skin Female - Dimbula Rose - L$77 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Eyes - Horror Night Eyes1 - Dimbula Rose - L$1 (Miniscape Horror Night Exclusive)
Hair - Freebie Hair Black - Kin - L$0
Outfit - Yuki Onna - BareRose - L$120
Jaw - Gore Missing Jaw - FallnAngel - L$425 (Old Hunt Prize)
Sleeves - Sleeves Shadow - BareRose - L$0
Animations - Custom Oichi Animations - Endless Dreams - NFS

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