Friday, August 5, 2011

Fairwell Little Heaven...

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye to Little Heaven shop. The store has been around for the longest time and has always provided me with the best blood stained and just amazing items. The store will be GONE on August 9th so make sure to check it out. The items are mostly around the L$650 price range but it's worth it. It really is, because otherwise you miss out on some great things. :( Please check out the store, the sim, and pay respects to one of my fave shops in all of SL before it's gone. RIP Little Heaven.

Outfit - LH_Housekeeper_Black - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Izel's Dress_FalastearGreen - Little Heaven - NFS (Different Styles are Still for Sale)
Outfit - LH_Gothic_Kyonshi_Black - Little Heaven - L$800

Outfit - LH_Chimera:02_Searcher type_Silver - Little Heaven - L$1000
Outfit - LH_infirmiere offensive_White - Little Heaven - L$650

Outfit - LH_Full_Plate_Armor_BloodSilver - Little Heaven - L$800
Outfit - LH_Armor shop girl_Dorothy_Blue - Little Heaven - L$650
Outfit - LH_Fallen angel_White - Little Heaven - L$650

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