Monday, November 7, 2011

Kawaii Simple School

So recently I've made a new shape, kinda inspired by this shop called Puppy Pawz on marketplace. They have some really cute anime/ecchi inspired female shapes up there and I just thought they were adorable so I changed mine and now I'm a lil more chubby but I like it. XD To go along with the inspiration I went a school uniform route with one of the many outfits at BareRose, but since there was a lack of school bags I looked for something from Edelweiss. The classic bag was perfect and it comes with 9 different poses so I had some choices, which is grand when your shape/size is a lil different from the norm. Finally to top it all off I went with these shoes/socks I've been struggling to find something to wear with from BunnyStar. Also sooooo happy that NoRe! released a non-donut version of the tail because it's just so fitting to a kitty anime-ish look. Tada, happy look and hopefully happy kitty. Still just getting used to a new shape and style. XD

Outfit & Ribbon - White and Striped (Blue Version) - BareRose - L$170
Socks & Shoes - Crazy Bunny Loose Socks & Shoes - BunnyStar - L$225
Bag - School Bag Classic Black - Edelweiss - L$300
Tail - White Kitty - NoRe! - L$100
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)

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