Friday, February 7, 2014

Suki Yo Suki Yo Daisuki Yo!

So I wanted to do a nice picture for Valentine's Day and how better to do it than with some of the cutest girls I know? Hehe~ I really love this picture so much, it's pretty simple but I just enjoy a Japanese valentines type picture so I hope you all do too! If you're wondering what it's asking it's asking to Be My Valentine? poorly written I know but the same (don't kill my poor Japanese understanding, still studying!) So hope everyone has a sweet holiday no matter who you spend it with! I'll be cheering you on. ^o^

P.S. - The Title was Inspired by this Song, just thought people might want to see. ^ ^ (Warning, may make ya baw face)

From Left to Right

Outfit - 109 Prims - Sailor Uniform
Hair - 0 Style - Othello
Ears - 0 Style - Nekomimi
Tail - Two Cats One Cup - Somali Tail

Outfit - Monso - My School Look Blazer
Hair - LeLutka - NEU

Outfit - Edelweiss - School-Line Mesh Uniform
Hair - Magicka - Curious
Tails & Ears - O.M.E.N - Kitsune Accessories

Uniform - Edelweiss - Cardigan School-Line Mesh Uniform
Chest Ribbon - BareRose - Terakoya-L (Modded)
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Brigitte
Hat - Half-Deer - Truffle Beret Rainbow Sprinkles RARE
Glasses - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl Glasses
Bracelet/Watch - BareRose - White and Striped Pink Watch
Face Charms - Little Glass Wish - Starry Anime Face Charms

Location - Hentai High

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