Monday, May 5, 2014

Lollipops N' Sweets

So been trying to catch up with all the things going on! Pantsu*Hunter has been putting out so many cute dresses in a lot of colors that I wonder if I can do them justice even~ Also lots of new releases at LCKY so trying to keep up with those cute things too. I have to admit I love how their hair has had the two color tone option lately, even though I'm still loving using my hair color all the time. I also have begun to blog for a cute little new store called Tomga, you can find their stuff on marketplace currently. I hope you enjoy the post. ^ ^

Hair - LCKY - Helie II Disaster Color
Shoes - Edelweiss - School Loafer Black
Socks - Edelweiss - School-Line Loose Socks

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lollipop dress (blue)

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lollipop dress (black)

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lollipop dress (pink)
Cotton Candy - Tomga - Cotton Candy Gift (Dollarbie)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Donut Bow

Dress - Pantsu*Hunter - lollipop dress (white)
Bacon Candy - Amai - Kai Bekon. Pink Candy-Striped (Group Gift)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - Donut Bow

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