Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dressing Up Makes Me Feel...

This was a little weird because I kinda took it as, wearing an outfit and it just making you feel different per the options. This is the latest release from MotiAme at the Kustom9 event. You can choose between a lot of different options of colors for shorts, under bras, and see through blouses. I thought about trying to show the bra and blouses separately but felt a little shy with something see through. ^/////^; I'm sure others are way more brave than me though! Also had fun including the C.C Kreations release for the Labyrinth (god I love that movie) event, that's the cute little crown I included in this. Also Tomga has released some new bottles that you can wear on your head. Hehe hope you all like the post. Also the one with the stars, I had to go a red/white/blue look to just make a lil hidden nod for upcoming fourth of july. Make sure to check out the events before they're over. ^ ^

Hair - LCKY - Hansel
Shoes - Paradisis - My warmers

Bra - MotiAme - Black
Blouse - MotiAme - Black
Shorts - MotiAme - Black
Crown - C.C Kreations - King of temptations~ silver crown

Bra - MotiAme - Pink
Blouse - MotiAme - Pink
Shorts - MotiAme - Blue

Bra - MotiAme - Blue
Blouse - MotiAme - Mint Green
Shorts - MotiAme - Light

Bra - MotiAme - Red
Blouse - MotiAme - Blue
Shorts - MotiAme - White
Stars - Tomga - Star Bottle

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