Monday, July 14, 2014

So Much To Do In Summer!

This month has been pretty awesome for some events coming up. A lot are happening today/tomorrow (depending where you are!). I really really love this new dress that yumyums is going to be releasing at the Secret Affair Event. I had fun choosing different colors and even mixing and matching to get it to go with my cute watermelon plushie from C.C. Kreations - which will be at the Gacha Mania event. The light green/blue color on the far right was my favorite because wearing it with starry/moon accessories just scream Rosalina from Mario Galaxy, and I just found that just beyond lovely. I also had a good time playing around with TOMGA's new camera thing, it has multiple poses involving gestures and stuff too but it was a fun item. ^ ^ People can also see how sad I am to play gachas to get some of the other things in here orz. Hope you all like this. ^ ^

P.S. - T^T If anyone's selling the KittenCone 1 Rare from Atomic's gacha lemme know, so desperate to get it but too unlucky to keep playing.

Outfit - yumyums - Summertime Sun Dress {Greedy} (Secret Affair Event)
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Sachiko Mesh Hair
Shoes - Sweet Thing - Lovely Creepers White
Stockings - Utilizator - Mesh Av 2.0 Stockings
Stockings Mod - CandyCutie - Milkyway Stockings Mod
Watermelon Plush - Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Kawaii watermelon~ 02 (Gacha Mania)
Necklace - Quirky - Twinkle Necklace Yellow/Silver
Bag - Atomic - Kawaii Moon Shoulder Bag Yellow RARE (OMG Gacha Event)
Camera - TOMGA - Camera
Ice Cream - Atomic - Kawaii Noms Summer Treats  KittenCone 2 RARE (Seasons Story)

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