Monday, July 21, 2014

Metallic but Soft!

Wheee, so another BareRose event is coming up this Friday. It'll be a kinda electronic event so June made a unique outfit for the gift for attendees, it's at 8pm SLT at the BareRose Forcing House in White Wolf (there's a LM and notecard at the store entrance). Also make sure to check out Project Limited, it just updated to Round 2 so some new stuff has been added, LCKY put out this adorable Ophie hair at it. For Project Limited the hairstyles have special color packs but the normal versions will be released later on. Hope to see you all at the events and that you liked the post. I'm almost at 14,000 views on the blog so thank you all so much. ^ ^

Outfit - BareRose - Electric Sheep for EGL Event (Free at Event)
Hair - LCKY - Ophie (Coming Soon, Special Colors at Project Limited)
Plushie - MotiAme - Unhappy Plushie Chocolate RARE (Dreamers Factory Gacha)
Plushie 2 - MotiAme - Unhappy Plushie Panda (Dreamers Factory Gacha)
Shoes - C.C Kreations - Papilio White Pumps Slink H (TGGS)

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