Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Magical Merkitty

I haven't done a mermaid post in the longest but still love to do one here and there. I really think there are some amazing creators out there, like Stitched, who manage to sneak under my radar but still make great stuff! They were at the Mystic Realms faire but unfortunately RL tied me up for the longest (and not in the fun way T^T). I was really happy there were multiple colors to choose from for this and such nice solid colors, sometimes people get a little carried away and I love a Little Mermaid kinda appeal that this has going on. I also got a chance to use a hair I bought awhile back from Magika that is tough to wear without covering up most of my outfits. Hope you like the look.     ^ ^

Mermaid Shells & Tail - Stitched - MRF Female
Hair - Magika - Harmony
Bangs - Alice Project - Lola Bangs (Modded)

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