Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Living in a Gamer World

So catching up on some recently put out some things that you should make sure to check out. ^ ^ Also got to blog for some of the Geeks N' Nerds Fair which I enjoyed, not enough gamer stuff in SL for me srs! Some things worth noting that you wouldn't be able to find out in one pic, is the Altair ribbons for the cute Rabi En Rose (woo I'm not the only one who knows what the Di Gi Charat series is!) are color changeable and come in different colors for the bunny ears, find them at the CosplaySL event. The little Oni friends I have in this pic are animated pals and come in more than the colors shown here from Cubic Cherry Creations at Xiasumi School Festival, which I think is ending soon?

And then sooo much at the GnN Fair! The gamer necklace from tsg. comes in multiple colors, but I am a huge sucker for her beautiful pastel colors. ^ ^ The backpack from Altair also is at the same fair with multiple designs, but I liked the cutesy princess-y one. The fantastic Prrmbah Cats from Culprit are just fun as heck, I've left them rezzed out my house for a couple days now. They actually move around, can be stopped, repositioned, heck I've had some of my friend's riding them around! XD They also come in multiple colors and styles, like shown here. And finally the thought bubbles from Buttery Toast are fun for me cause I'm thinking things things half the time. Now, they don't have a white filler like in the picture but I did it so you can see the words clearly (sometimes backgrounds mess with that) but they work really good in world. Make sure to check out these things and hope you like the look! ^ ^

Outfit/Shoes - BareRose - Pastel Fuyufuku
Hair - LCKY - Athena (CosplaySL Event)
Necklace - tsg - Gamer Girl Necklace Pink (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Hair Accessories - ALTAIR* - Rabi en Rose .white ears. (CosplaySL Event)
Backpack - ALTAIR* - qt backpack ~princess peach~ (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Oni Pal - {Chibi Oni~ momochan } companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Oni Pal2 - {Chibi Oni~ akakun} companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Oni Pal3 - {Chibi Oni~ aoisan} companion (Xiasumi School Festival Event)
Thought Bubble - Buttery Toast - Thought bubble Gaming {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Thought Bubble2 - Buttery Toast- Thought bubble Loading {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Thought Bubble3 - Buttery Toast- Thought bubble Idiots {add} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat - Culprit - Prrmbah Saurus Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat2 - Culprit - Prrmbah Driver Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Prrmbah Cat3 - Culprit - Prrmbah Pilot Mike (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)

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