Monday, March 9, 2015

What Side Are You

So continuing on with furry fest stuff, I was surprised that a Star Wars themed outfit came out of this for kemonos. Once again I don't own a kimono av so I cut corners with alphas and honestly find they can still work if you find the right alphas regardless, so not entirely some fashions to be afraid of. ^ ^ The lightsaber is really fun, though I couldn't show a lot of it here, it comes with multiple animations; choices on the color and length of it as well. There's also a male version available and for the Grymmy I modded (tinted) the colors of the accessories so they were more 'Serenity' color. XD Haha. Since I'm kinda into Star Wars, I thought it would be fun to do this background with this look as sort of a nod to Revan (transitioning between light and dark). Hope you like the look.

Outfit/Cape/Lightsaber - Eleran's Crafts - Dark Lady Blue Kemono (Furry Fest)
Ears/Chest Fluff/Antenne/Tail - Hello Grymmy! - Space Spaniel Blue Kemono Mod! (Furry Fest &
Hair - Rosy mood - Honey Dipper (Modded)

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