Monday, October 26, 2015

Coastal Halloween

So this is a little kooky with the combination of things, but decided to go with a Halloween if you lived in somewhere like Hawaii or something. XD; I'm not a great Doctor Who fan, but I got started on the 9th and still yet to finish it - but I went with a combination of Rose Tyler x 9th Doctor look. ^ ^ A lot of it was a combination of fun little items that are still available at various events, but will probably go away come November (except Gacha Garden items, those start in November!) Wishing everyone a fun Halloween if I don't get to post before then. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Black Rock Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Stella hair (Wayward Halloween Gacha)
Circlet - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. - {CAS} circlet SILVER (Fantasy Collective)
Schadenfreude Cyclops Mask (Free Trunk or Treat)
Tattoo - BareRose - Renji Tattoo
Necklace - Tardis Key Necklace (Old Freebie)
Shirt - BritishShirt (Old Freebie)

Tardis - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. - {The Doctor is IN} stall classic (Geeks N
Nerds Fair)
Candy Bucket - [YKFK] - Jack O' Lantern Candy Bucket, Indigo (Trunk or Treat)
Doll1 - *Naminoke* - KITTY HUG ARM RARE-C (Gacha Garden)
Doll2 - *Naminoke* - PANDA HUG ARM RARE-C (Gacha Garden)
Toolbox & Tools - [LostJunction] - Pop's Toolbox Set Rez Blue (The End Event)
Cotton Candy1 - . Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal Happy Henry (Trunk or Treat)
Cotton Candy2 - . Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Derpy Darel (Trunk or Treat)
Cotton Candy3 - . Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Kitty Kat (Trunk or Treat)
Cotton Candy4 - . Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Scared Sam (Trunk or Treat)
Cotton Candy5 - . Quirky . - Cotton Candy Monster Pal - Evil Ed (Trunk or Treat)
Building - [Toiz] - coastal love house
Pumpkin Deco - .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. (Wayward Halloween Gacha)
07{Pum-pumpkin} PATROL B
10{Pum-pumpkin} group
09{Pum-pumpkin} MY PUMPKIN
06{Pum-pumpkin} PATROL A
02{Pum-pumpkin} Horror RARE
08{Pum-pumpkin} PATROL C
03{Pum-pumpkin} Titania RARE
01{Pum-pumpkin} Zee RARE
05{Pum-pumpkin} YOU SHALL NOT PASS
04{Pum-pumpkin} BRING IT ON
Old Freebie Furniture in Background

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