Saturday, December 26, 2015

Earthy New Year!

So it slowly slinks up, the new year, on us. Lots of really lovely goods are still being released and some wrapping up the holidays themselves. Since the year coming is of the monkey, I thought it'd go well being a brownish hue of things and setting up for a new year. Hope you like the look. ^ ^

Kimono - *Naminoke* - UME MINI KIMONO DRESS RED (Japonica Event)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kiku hair (Winter Gacha Festival)
Hair Flower - *Naminoke* - MUM Hair dress Purple (Japonica Event)
Socks/Shoes - *Naminoke* - OVER KNEE JIKATABI RED (Japonica Event)
Hands - Mokyu - Xmas Gift (Thank you Mokyu!)

Birds - *Naminoke* - Long Tail tit (TFC Hunt Prize)
Bed - [Toiz] - 1. bed (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Ladder - [Toiz] - 2. ladder (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Table - [Toiz] - 3. bed table (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Pictures - [Toiz] - 4. frame (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Plants - [Toiz] - 5. jar (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Partition - [Toiz] - 6. partition (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Xmas Tree - [Toiz] - 7. x-mas tree deco (Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Skybox - [Toiz] - 8. nui wood skybox Rare(Shiny Shabby Gacha)
Kadomatsu - [CINDON] - Kadomatsu ver.2.1 =mini= (Primary Lucky Board/Freebie)

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