Friday, September 30, 2016

Lunar Lotus Maiden

So while I'm away this weekend my pic may look a lil different with dimensions. I got a lot to cover for the upcoming Moon Festival today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone, it opens October 1st). Most of my outfit is provided by Kawaii Whore who has this dress set and shoes available with different colors via the HUD. All the d├ęcor and everything is available at this event too. I hope you like the look!

Dress/Necklace/Choker - + Kawaii Whore + - Celestial Princess Dress (Moon Festival)
Hair - [taketomi] - Kokoa_Fatpack (Gacha)
Shoes - + Kawaii whore + - Bloom Heels Pair (Moon Festival)
Lanterns - {LoveFox} - Oriental Lantern; String B Lotus (Moon Festival)
Single Lantern1 - {LoveFox} - Oriental Lantern; Spare Crimson (Moon Festival)
Single Lantern1 - {LoveFox} - Oriental Lantern; Spare Lotus (Moon Festival)
Cushions/Zabutons - {LoveFox} - Zabuton; Sakura (Moon Festival)
Moon&Stars Deco - =BRUSH= - Moon Wall Deco (Moon Festival)
Flower - E.V.E - Flower of the Moon {Pink} (Moon Festival)
Tail Charms - *Ferocious Muffin* - Fox Tail Charm White (Moon Festival)
Moon Print1 - BIGBULLY - Lunar Prints Crescent (Moon Festival)
Moon Print2 - BIGBULLY - Lunar Prints Cycle (Moon Festival)
Skybox - [K]oi - Gothic Lolita Skybox 

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