Monday, September 12, 2016

Snackfood Showdown

So sorry about the lack of posts, that fashion show took up a lot of time but it was worth it! I'm finishing up my Arcade posts with the last Lost Junction set of chip overload! Also am wearing one of the new releases from Cute or Die! that comes in multiple colors and fits multiple bodies, available at Mesh Body Addicts. The hair I'm wearing is also a new release from Ayashi, that can be found at Whore Couture. Thanks to Cara and Hina for helping me out with our chip coma. XD Hope you like the look!

Hair - +Spellbound+ - Boo!
Top - -tres blah- - Fitted Tee Space
Shorts - The Secret Store - Daria Denim Shorts

Outfit - Paper Arrow - Gym Tee/Shorts (Gacha)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Yin

Outfit - [Cute or Die!] - "Tenshi" Dress Maitreya (Mesh Body Addicts)
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Takemi hair boobs (Whore Couture)
Hairbow - *katat0nik* - (panda) Hair Bow RARE Texture Change (Gacha)
Collar - ALTAIR* - nyan choker .blue.
Cuffs - .{yumyums}. - For Love Cuff Mint & Silver (Unavailable)

Decor - [LostJunction]
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Ika (Squid) rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - White Cheddar rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Dragon Hot rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - BBQ Puffs rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Cheezi Puffs rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Puffs - Cheezi Salsa rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Blue rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Chile Limon rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Chili Cheese rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Nacho Cheese rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Cool Ranch rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Senoreata - Original rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Pizza rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Salt & Vinegar rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Onion Paradise rez RARE (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Sour Cream & Onion rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Classic rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Hickory Barbecue rez (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Chipsters - Chippers - Sea Salt & Pepper rez REWARD (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Slumber Party - MTN Buzz Bottle extra (Arcade Gacha)
[LJ] Slumber Party - MTN Buzz Cup extra (Arcade Gacha)
Poses - Endless Dreams - Death
Rug - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Kuma Rug RARE (Gacha)
Room - {LoveFox} - Anime Room; Bedroom ULTRARARE (Gacha)

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