Friday, February 17, 2017

90s Love

So I consider myself a 90s child cause it was a good chunk of my growing up and a bit of 80s, I just still have a tender spot in my heart for the stuffs. But I had fun dragging Hina and Cara into this and just having a fun time. All the funwear like step skin, moon boots, posters, etc. are available from RC Cluster at Rewind. The lollipop Hina has is from the Color Me Cute gacha from Junk Food. My hair is available at Hairology from Ayashi. And tons of Cubic Cherry sctuffs like my headphones will be available at Whimsical gacha, the bag is available at Rewind, and the carpets will be available at the Madpea Food Festival coming up. Hope you like the look!

Hair - TRUTH HAIR - Bernadette
Top - Blueberry - Elisa Henley Tops
Shirt - *COCO* - Shirt-tied-around-Waist
Jeans - Maitreya - Zipper-Skinny Jeans
Sneakers - [Gos] - Low Tops
Lunar Boots -RC Cluster- Lunar Boot Purplez (Rewind)

Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Tami
Jacket - Milk Motion - Sleeveless Denim Jacket
Skirt - Maddict - Cher Skirt
Shoes - KC Couture - Harlem Sneakers
Step Skip -RC Cluster- Step Skip! Pink (Rewind)
Lollipop - Junk Food - Sailor Lollipop Moon RARE (Color Me Cute Gacha)

Shirt/Pants - BareRose - Toy Shop Girl
Jacket - BareRose - MioPin
Socks - BareRose - Firestarter Purple Socks
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Urumi hair (Hairology)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 01{Honshu} headphones cute RARE (Whimsical Gacha)
Bag - [Cubic Cherry] - {CubicBoy} bag BLACK (Rewind)
Choker - [Cubic Cherry] - {Beast} choker PINK (Collab88)
Ufo Jumper -RC Cluster- UFO Jump-Jump! Pinurple (Rewind)
Shoes - (fashionably dead) - Girl Power Platforms Silver RARE (Arcade Gacha)

Carpets - [Cubic Cherry] - {Pizzaaa} carpet classic (Madpea Food Fair)
Bag - [Cubic Cherry] - {CubicBoy} bag BLACK (Rewind)
Cookies - =BRUSH= - BurningLoveCookies GIVER
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters Brent Mitchell (Rewind)
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters The Sugar Girls Rainbow (Rewind)
Poster -RC Cluster- Teen Bop Posters JJM (Rewind)
Hairspray -RC Cluster- Hairspray for rezzing (Rewind)
Boombox - TOMGA - hiphop boombox pink

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