Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gameday Prep

So I'm not huge into football but since it's superbowl it's just everywhere and why not just make a goofy kinda pic with how I might prep for it. XD; A lot of the items are just newer releases at the various stores listed below. But the furnitures from AsteroidBox will be available at the upcoming Coven event. Hope you like the look~!

Outfit & Ball - BareRose - Metaltector
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Naoki hair Boobs (Cosmetic Fair)
Weights -RC Cluster- Forearm Force Fitness Weight
Foot Spea -RC Cluster- Forever Foot Spa
Hotwater Bottle - . Little Fox . - Bundled Lil Hottie Deco
Lights White - AsteroidBox. - Star Light // White (Coven)
Lights Red - AsteroidBox. - Star Light // Red (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Good Times (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Gonna Die (Coven)
Poster - AsteroidBox. - Unmotivational Posters // Everything is fine (Coven)
Soda - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party MTN Buzz Bottle (Arcade Gacha)
Pizza - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Lugosi Pizza, Boxed (Arcade Gacha)
Caramel Corn - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Caramel Corn (Arcade Gacha)
Cheesey Corn - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Cheezy Corn (Arcade Gacha)
Pillows - [LostJunction] - Slumber Party Pillow Pile (Arcade Exclusive Bonus)
Stool - [LostJunction] - Mayview Bar Stool 1LI

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