Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sakura Slacking

So a kinda lazy hangout on a sakura viewing pic, I really love the season and wish we had some near us RL. T^T We got some events going on right now with the Ayashi hair I'm wearing at Seasons Story. While the poufs and headphones can be found at BLOOM from Cubic Cherry. Upcoming is the N21 event where you can find RC Cluster's latest yard signs with multiple options for sayings! The record player from AsteroidBox will be available at a new event called Draftsman. While the majority of the other items will be available at the upcoming Limit 8 from CMYK. Hope you like the look!

Hair - YumYum - barberyumyum710
Top - Hilly Haalan - Lara Knotted Tee
Shorts - Lissan - #13SS
Sleep Bubble - [PinkFuel] - Yum Bubblegum! Static Translucent Color Change

Outfit - BareRose - Hirakio C3
Hair & Flower Headband - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Rumiko hair-Ver.2 Boobs (Seasons Story)
Cotton Candy - CMYK//  - 6. Cottencandy berry (Limit 8)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Leafy} headphones W-PINK (BLOOM Gacha)
Record Player - AsteroidBox. - Record Player // Pink (Draftsman)
Poufs - [Cubic Cherry] - {Bloom} pouf pink (BLOOM)
Signs -RC Cluster- Yard Signs Red Heart (N21)
Papers - CMYK// - 1.sakura papers (Limit 8)
Bottles - CMYK//  - 2. sakura bottles (Limit 8)
Drinks - CMYK// - 3. sakura can beer (Limit 8)
Rug - CMYK// - 4. sakura rug (Limit 8)
Bento - CMYK// - 5. sakura bento (Limit 8)
Table Set - CMYK// - 7. sakura table rare (Limit 8)
Sakura Trees - BareRose - Sakura Tree (Old Freebie)

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