Tuesday, April 25, 2017

School Bento

So we have a lot of events wrapping up this month and a lot to go through! Majority of them are from Kawaii Project which usually goes over into the next month a bit, so you still have time. We have a new hairstyle from Ayashi with or without hat. New shoes and socks with multiple color options from Cute or Die. An entire school room setup gacha from CMYK. School books and pencils from Cubic Cherry too - all at the same event. While tying in some other things there's a new bento available from Junk Food at Thimble; and upcoming ketchup madness from RC Cluster at SaNaRae, while their pedometer is at Bloom. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - OjyoUni
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Masami hair with hat Boobs (Kawaii Project)
Socks - [Cute or Die!] - "Bun" Loose Socks Maitreya (Kawaii Project)
Shoes - [Cute or Die!] - "Bun" School Loafers Maitreya (Kawaii Project)
Held Book - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} book pink (Kawaii Project)
Hat Pencil - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} pencil pink2 (Kawaii Project)
Rezzed Books - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} book rezz (Kawaii Project)
Rezzed Pencils - [Cubic Cherry] - {School Time} pencils rezz (Kawaii Project)
Headphones - [Cubic Cherry] - 03{Leafy} headphones W-PINK (BLOOM Gacha)
Held Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Box (Thimble)
Pink Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Pink Rez (Thimble)
Blue Bento - Junk Food - Chicken Bento Blue Rez (Thimble)
Riceball - Junk Food - Chicken Riceball (Thimble)
Pedometer -RC Cluster- 1-2-StepAroo Pedometer Red (Bloom)
Ketchup - -RC Cluster- Ketchup Forever Rez (SaNaRae)
Backpack - . Little Fox . - Big Backpack Princess
Stand/Animation - RC Cluster - Reading AO Stand1
Chair - CMYK// - 1. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Cabinet - CMYK// - 2. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Chalkboard - CMYK// - 3. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Pencil Holder - CMYK// - 4. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Papers & Pencils - CMYK// - 5. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Rulers - CMYK// - 6. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Rug - CMYK// - 7. Banilasky (Kawaii Project Gacha)
Building - CMYK// - 8. Banilasky rare (Kawaii Project Gacha)

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