Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dreams of the 90s

We got an amazing new gacha release from Junk Food for Gachaland, which is all 90s theme and I couldn't easily get them all in one pic like I wanted it turned into a happy floaty dream like picture. The hair is a beautiful new release from Ayashi at the Kinky event. While the background is from CMYK at Crystal Heart. Hope you like the look!

Outfit - BareRose - Stadium Jacket Lady
Hair - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Aneko hair (Kinky)
Decor -
CMYK// 8. Time for the moon night (Crystal Heart)
Junk Food - Pixy Lix RARE (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Slickelodean Tapes (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Push It Pops RARE (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Slunkaroos (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Water Balloon (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Geesebumps Mask (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Geesebumps Cellar (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Geesebumps Dummy (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Yummygachi Red (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Yummygachi PInk (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Yummygachi Black (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Yummygachi Green (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Pink Pak (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Orange Pak (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Blue Pak (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Green Pak (Gachaland)
Junk Food - Purple Pak (Gachaland)

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