Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle Japan Alice Kitty

So I've been playing Alice: Madness Returns which is the awesome sequel to American's McGee's Alice. It's been tons of fun and one of the levels involves Alice in a japanese twisted place in a kimono type garb. So I thought; wow I really should get that one from Sleeping Girl. XD But the original LM I had, the store was gone! Luckily I found it at a new location but it's not able to be searched. :s None the less got the pretty kimono and combined it up in a look. Cooler thing about the outfit is that it's a collaberation between the stores Occello and Sleeping Girl, which you don't see too often in SL. Also make sure to check out the store for other neat goods. ^^v

Outfit - *OS*ALICE IN KIMONO - OCELLO & SleepingGirl - L$180
Bloody Knife - Bloody Knife - Marketplace - L$50
Hair - Fiona (Modified & Tinted) - Friday - L$250
Knife Pose - Knife Stand - Endless Dreams - L$50
Other Poses - 16 Poses - E.Ink - L$0

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