Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Origami Kimono Kitty

So lots of things are going on in the grid right now! Sales! Hunts! All that sorta good stuffs. :3 So I thought I'd share a combined outfit of some of the things going on right now. One thing I rushed to is the 3rd Anniversary sale of Yumeji kimonos, some of the prettiest yet simple designs out there. Also there's a neat hunt going on at Sn@tch's Prom location where I got this really pretty hair on discount, cause of the hunt, from Gauze. So many others goods to check out there too. Also to top it off, I snagged the cute origami crane from the Origami outfit from BareRose. :3 Hope you enjoy!

Outfit - yukata orizuru blue - Yumeji - L$150 (50% off normal price)
Head Origami - Origami - BareRose - L$100
Hair - Komelia (White but Tinted) - Gauze - L$100 (From the Sn@tch Prom Hunt)
Poses - Endless Dreams - Bishoujo AO - L$300

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