Monday, December 12, 2011

Koi-Mono Mermaid

So a couple days ago I found out about a sale on mermaid tales at this place called Mer-Chandise, cute name. XD It's pretty nice when you can buy a nice mer look and the sale has things marked down to L$50-L$100 and there are even freebs and other goodies there at a cheaper price. This time instead of basic mer, I decided to try to wear a kimono top with it. Ugh took me forever to find something that worked. x_x; Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Kimono Top - Nocturne No. 1 - BareRose - L$180
Mermaid Tail - Koi Tail (Kohaku) - Mer-Chandise - L$100 (On Sale)
Hair - Season 2 White (Tinted) - elikatira - N/A (One Eleven Event)
Animations - Mermaid AO2 - Kami Hitoe - L$500

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