Thursday, December 8, 2011

Torn Up Over Ballet

So lucky me I get to blog some stuff for Gothica, like their recent release! Also make sure to check out some of their nice prizes for the 2 hunts they're doing; they're really worth it. ^^ So this release tossed me for a bit of a twist, cause I looked at it for awhile and tried to think of what it really inspired for me to theme it with. So I went with a kinda gothic ballet thingy, which I found to be pretty fun. Also a heads up that the main skirt is mod but the wireframe one, not so much - still pretty easy to work with. So even though I usually do a lot of cute but I thought this was just great for a change. Hope you like it. ^^

Outfit - Bella Black Outfit - Gothica - L$125
Hair - Vivi Hair White (Modded) - esk-imo - N/A (Old Freebie)
Tear - Banshee Tear - BareRose - L$160
Tattoo - Redemption - Wicked Tattoo - N/A (DDCF Hunt Prize)
Stockings - TLS Fishnet Black/White Set - BareRose - L$10

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