Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeping Meeroos!

So, no I'm not into the breedables (yet). But I took up an interest in these mods a long time ago and just couldn't bring myself to get one. Probably because this is my first time working with a mod kit and I was pretty nervous to just dive in head first. Luckily Spare Parts Meeroo mod maker set up a lucky chair at her shop, I rushed down and was so happy to finally get to try one out. ^^ Once I get enough funds I plan to pick up a couple more cause these are just amazingly well textured and cute as heck. Also remember this is a mod kit, you're not getting a full av but you do get the full tail and ears so you could go half-breed which is pretty cool in itself. This also gave me the chance to dig up an old hunt prize from Evie's Closet, the berry outfit and match it well (since it's Meeroo related) to this modded look. You can also buy this outfit at Evie's Closet but I'm not sure if this same color is still available. Hope you enjoy the look and also remember to check out my freebie/lucky chair blog for additional information. ^^

Avatar - Meeroo Inspired Snowpaw Mod - Spare Parts - L$450 or Lucky Chair Prize
Avatar2 - Chinchilla (Modded) - Curious - L$800
Outfit - Bug a Boo Berry Outfit - Evie's Closet - N/A (Past Hunt Item)
Hair - Mary - Zero Style - L$300

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