Friday, June 6, 2014

Not Who You Expect

So this was a little weird take on RPG type games I've played in the past. Because it seems often that the Blacksmith or really talented mechanic can end up being a cute girl, that you wouldn't expect. XD So I went with that as a theme! I mixed cute with mechanic kinda, which works pretty well with the upcoming We Love Roleplay event going on now! I'm really lucky with the people I blog for, making things that come in multiple colors. I decided to stick with purple and blacky type tones for this cause I found it offsets a traditional mechanic outfit so they shine a lil brighter. ^ ^ The wrench from YumYums has a neat vibrating glow effect (wish I could've shown it off better here) and comes with different color choices for it. The C.C. Kreations horns also come on a multitude of colors at the event, but I really loved the 'wisdom' color myself. Plus I adore this cutesy hair LCKY put out awhile ago ;3; Soooo cute I don't wanna take it off! Other than that, I decided to glam it up with more cuteness and one of the best places to do so is Pantsu*Hunter so I went with the bows and pearlsy type to finish it off. Hope you like it. ^ ^

We Love Roleplay Event is -

Dress/LegPouches/Apron/Boots - BareRose - Airship Engineer Lady-L
Hair - LCKY - Rene Nonrigged
Horns - C.C. Kre-ations - {RavRav V2~ wisdom} horns -silver. (We Love RP Event)
Hairbow - Pantsu*Hunter - licentia .violet.
Wrench - Yumyums - Cyber Wrench {Purple} Handheld (We Love RP Event)
Socks/Pearl Garters - Pantsu*Hunter - lace socks & garter

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