Friday, August 1, 2014

Captain FluttahHeart Pirate

Ok so this one is a little weird, I apologize. But the Fuubutsu Dou release for the Kagami event (that starts today!)  with the skulls made me kinda relate it to pirate-y type things, so I took a weird twist with a pirate having a pirate tea set... and open seat for her next victim~ But then I went a typical kinda derpy route and look how I always do. XD; So I guess my original intention botched up since I'm so weird. The hairstyle I thought went great for a pirate look though, it's from LCKY for the Femboy Hunt 5 (That starts today as well!) it's also only L$2 for this hairstyle so it's a real bargain, especially with all the piratey releases coming  up, don't forget to pick it up! The majority of this outfit is available in a amazing gacha yumyums is putting out at the Fantasy Gacha Fair (starts today too wow!) Ooops, almost forgot another cool hunt item was the face strap I'm sporting is part of a L$5 Blues Hunt that C.C Kreations is in (do I even need to mention that starts today as well!?). Hope you all like the looks and remember, I'd probably make one of the worse pirates ever~

Dress - yumyums. - Miss Captain Heart Dress {FITmesh} RARE (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hair - LCKY - Hebiko (Femboy 5 Hunt)
Faceband - C.C. Kreations - {The Void} face band (The Blues Hunt)
Shoes - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Bootie SLink High {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Hat - yumyums - Miss Captain Heart Hat {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Eyepatch - yumyums - Miss Captin Heart Patch - Right Eye {Red} (Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Teacase - Fuubutsu Dou - TeaCase (Kagami Event)
Bonseki Set - Fuubutsu Dou - Bonseki Set (Kagami Event)

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