Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ice Cream Social

So I was pretty excited to blog this and wrapping up the Geeks N' Nerds fair, remember it ends on the 10th! Hurry! My main love was the outfit that yumyums put out for the fair, it has A LOT of different huds you could get but I had fun using the kawaii and sweets one because I could play around with the colors and get the Neapolitan type look I love. ;A; No one combines white, chocolate, and strawberry enough! It's fitted mesh, and there's a demo there to test it out yourself. I really would advise not missing out on this since it's just so cute. From the same fair I got to blog the Frogstar jewelry, which I thought I'd go with the rest one to represent cherries kinda. ^ ^ They're cute Yoshi eggs too, I don't know why I just find the pattern so cute. Maybe it's the gamer in me... lastly Tomga has rebranded to Toiz and recently released some nice ugg boots. They come in multiple colors, like most of the other things I blogged. Lately I won't be blogging for LCKY since they'll be moving to a blogger collective (that I stand no chance of getting in XD;) but will show off their latest three hair releases, this is one of three and has cute cookie ear muffs! Hope you like the look, even though it's probably weird to be ice cream in winter time. XD;

P.S. - Mokyu put out a new head and I picked it up! It's similar to the Hina head and on sale for a limited time along with another one.

Outfit - yumyums - School Daze Outfit (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Skirt HUD - yumyums - School Daze Skirt HUD {Sweet} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Shirt HUD - yumyums - School Daze Sweater HUD {Kawaii} (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Hair - LCKY -  Winter I w/Cookie Muffs
Necklace - Frogstar - Dino Egg Necklace (Red) (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Earrings - Frogstar - Dino Egg Earrings (Red) (Geeks N'Nerds Fair)
Shoes - Toiz - winter cute ugg boots ivory
Stockings - Sugar Heart - Sweet Factory Tights ~ Waffle Cone RARE (Gacha)
Head - Mokyu - Mio *Modded*

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