Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kitsune Maiden

So been a bit worried about some upcoming posts because so many involve a lot of headwear, dunno why that became a fad for some to put out at Ai Gacha for some creators but was a bit tough to involve them all. I really liked how this post came out though, even if it didn't include as many items as I wanted. ^ ^ I love the fluid motion animation that the kitsune tails had (sorry it's tough to show them here but trust me, they're cute!) and wish they were more white than light blue but I felt it worked here. Most of the items can be found at the Ai Gacha event, hope you like the look. ^ ^

Outfit/Boots/Choker - BareRose - Vioramando ME
Hair - [K Z S] - Hair Anime Mitsuki White *Modded* (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Headdress - {aii} - + Priestess of the Rose Headdress Moonlight + RARE (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Mask - Dimensional - Kitsune mask White/blue (Ai Gacha Gacha)
Tails - Dimensional - Kitsune Tail White Rare (Ai Gacha Gacha)

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